Free Music Player for Android

The internet is growing up so dramatically in recent years that it is hard to catch up its steps. I still remembered the days I used computer in the early days. There are not many funny and useful staff in that age, when I looked back, I still had some good memories as it witnessed the grown up of me and the online community.

I do not know how many people still had a impression about Winamp music player, one the best at that time and it was a must-have app on each computer. The interface was much simple, easy to operate. As the day pass by, many good alternatives came out and beat it hard, it seems there was no room for this classic music player. It seems no reason to give up these good ones, iTunes, Windows Media Player.

Today is the day for mobile devices. iPhone and Android are the hottest devices now and will be continued in the future. A few days before, Winamp Team released its Music player for Android, I am going to give it a try, go back to the old days. Download it at Android Market

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