Which is the Good Team to Bet on in European Cup 2012?

The European Cup 2012 will be a soccer feast for all fans this season. You may be hooked to the TV or PC since the opening of the tournament. Well, it’s better to know something additional while you are enjoying the live broadcast at home or on the go. Being high on chatting with your friends and sharing opinions about your favorite teams? Here let’s give an overview of the teams that play in this tournament. Which is the good team to bet on in European Cup 2012? Keep on seeing!

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Tip 1: Russian Strength or Weakness in the Euro Cup

In Group A, it might be a good thing to bet on Russia having been a favorite in the group though Greece has a chance of beating them. Czech Republic, just like Poland, doesn’t seem like a threat to any other teams. Unlike Group A, Group B does not look like they can cause danger to other groups. Denmark, although they were able to qualify ahead of Portugal, still, considered a weak team to put a bet on. It would be advisable to bet on either Germany or Netherlands if you want to make a good profit. (Netherlands finished second place at 2010 World Cup so might as well prefer this team.)

Tip 2: Spain is the favorite to win, but carry the worst betting odds.

Group C has of course Spain, who undoubtedly will win the group. This group is hard to ignore as it consist of reigning World and European Champions. Spain, being the current holders of both titles is just the smartest to bet on. They hardly ever lose, and surely will do their best to successfully retain the European crown. This team will be a big challenge for others to beat as this is a squad composed of equipped, top class and talented players.

Tip 3: Germany or Spain, who will win?

However, Germany could be a main threat to Spain. They seemed to be ready to make another impact in this tournament with their line of fantastic players.
Group D is actually a rival match between England and France. This is one interesting match-up to watch for. England has done a lot better than France in recent years of match ups, making them a good team to place a bet on.

Tip 4: Sweden is an underdog, bet on them to win the Euro Cup.

Sweden, on the other hand, has a style of play where they might be able to catch on faster teams like England. They still have to do some more progression though, but hopefully, with them having great players, can stir up an outburst of betting on this squad.
Ukraine is just another weak team to place a bet on simply because they lack the necessary star players that can take them to the top.
So if ever you wanna bet in on this group, opting to go with England would be a wise decision.

Extra Tips:
Sometimes you may be tied by your work or daily chores and haven’t enough time to watch all of the matches. You are advised to list out all the must-see in the Euro Cup so as to organize your time wisely. If you have to miss the stars and the moon, do not miss out the sun! Football enthusiasts should take note!

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