10 Features Everyone Should Know about Google Drive

After a long-term development plan, Google Drive, Google cloud storage service was finally unveiled to the public. However, we should know more about its features before we start to use this service, right?

google drive logoAfter talking about its plan to introduce a cloud storage service for almost 6 years, Google officially released its cloud storage service – Google Drive on April 24, 2012 finally and will launch to users in the next few weeks. Before consumers and enterprise customers using Google Drive, they need to learn more about this service. How about this service? What are the pros and cons of it? Is it worth using? Following are the ten things/features that you should know about Google Drive.

  • It is Not Unique.

The fact we should know aboutGoogle Driveis that it isn’t the only cloud storage service. Earlier have the Dropbox, Box, iCloud, Amazon cloud service and other similar services providing the same function.

  • 5GB Free Storage Space

One of the greatest strengths ofGoogle Driveis the free large capacity of storage space. Users can store 5GB of documents, video and music files for free. Just think about how many users will sign up for this service, so Google is very willing to provide such large storage space for free.

  • Google Integrated Existing Solutions

As we expected,Google Drivehas been integrated into the main applications of Google, that is to say Gamil users can send large capacity of attachments throughGoogle Drive, Google Docs users can edit the files in this platform and Google+ users will find their videos and pictures continually provide to this social net work. Google loves integration andGoogle Driveproves this point once again.

  • 3rd-party Apps Play Important Roles

Google didn’t useGoogle Driveto establish a walled garden. Instead, Google says many third party application providers will support this service and allow users to store and share content in multiple platforms. This is very important. In the network world, having the ability of transferring data from one service to another is very attractive for the users. This kind of cooperation is always welcome.

  • Supports Windows, Mac and Android Devices

Google do the most excellent job of supporting multiple platforms, unlike Apple and Microsoft only support one. Google says on April 24 thatGoogle Drivewill support Windows, Mac and Android devices from the beginning.

  • Will Support iOS Devices Soon

Google declares thatGoogle Drivewill not support iOS platform initially, but the support is coming soon. Then how long is the “soon”? We don’t know.

  • File Support Should Come in Handy

There’s nothing worse than receiving an attachment from an email, but only to find that your computer doesn’t support the file extension. In order to solve that problem in Google Drive, Google says that it has built in native file support for more than 30 different application file formats, so users will still be able to open the files, like Photoshop or Illustrator, even if they don’t have the applications running on their computers

  • Go Back to the Past

As the people who spend plenty of time to backup data know, being able to return to former upload content is very important. According to Google,Google Driveallows users to access the content of 30 days before, to see if there is any updating. Google also says that if the content is extremely important, users can also save a specific revision forever.

  • Paid Service Involved

All this talk about free storage and functions forgets one important content that users won’t miss:Google Driveis a paid service for power users. You need to pay $2.49 per month if you want to upgrade the storage space to 25GB, then $4.99 monthly for 100GB, $49.99 monthly for 1TB.

  • Search Plays an Important Role

Consider in Google’s history, built search function inGoogle Driveservices is significant. Google says, users can search based on the keywords, file types, file owners and other properties. Even better, users can search with image-recognition technology and by the objects contained in the scanned file. The search function in this platform is extremely powerful.

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