Google+ for iOS Updated with Photo Capabilities Enhanced

Days ago, Google has announced the new version of Google+ for iOS. Now, the app has been updated to version 4.4.0. Receiving the most attention in this update is the Google+ Photos, whose capacities have been mainly strengthened. For example, this new Google+ update offers a brand new Auto Enhance function. With this newly added feature, you can fix images with just a simple tap.
In addition to the new Auto Enhance, the features of Auto Backup, Auto Highlight and Auto Awesome control are now available in the new version of Google+ for iOS. Following comes the detail contents for this new update. Maybe you can read on to learn what have been updated in the 4.4.0 version of Google+ for iOS exactly now!

A Full List of Changes in This New Update

1. Make your photos looks best with the new Auto Enhance.
2. Browse all the highlighted photos.
3. Ability to share short animations, panoramas and more.
4. Hangouts has become an independent application.
5. Discover/find interesting content via related tags.
6. Ability to edit comment and more profile fields and upload a cover photo.
7. Enables brand new interactive Google Offer posts in the stream.
8. Available to control the frequency of hot posts in the stream.
9. Supports to display the strikethrough text content.
10. Added the function to copy the post’s permalink.

Well, these are all about the new changes in the newly updated Google+ for iOS. Now, this new version is available to be free downloaded from Apple’s App Store. The file size is about 28.5 MB. If your iDevice still has enough space, then maybe you can try it out for yourself now for the latest and best experience.

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