How to Backup and Restore Android Phone

backup-android-phone-3Android is an operating system designed for touchscreen mobile devices. Android to mobile device is what Windows to computer. This system is widely used by device manufacturers, wireless carriers and enthusiast developers such as smartphones and Tablet PC.

Nowadays, mobile phone becomes the basic devices for us, with which we can send and receive voice calls from friends, write and send email directly, watch movies, surf the Internet, Tweeter & Facebook, etc. Android phone is regarded as significant as full-fledged desktop PCs and laptops. Thus, there must be tons of important files stored on your Android phone, such as valuable email messages, SMS, apps, contacts, videos, photos, and documents.

Many people have complained that it is too easy to lose important data of Android phone. We may lose all data of Android phone when we forget the mobile phone in some place. The smartphone fells to floor and broken so all data of Android phone is inaccessible. Delete important folder or format the whole SD card by mistake. All data of your Android phone is gone due to virus attacks. In a word, there are too many possibilities that we lost all Android phone contents.

Most time, we advice people to make backup copies for all important files of your mobile phone in advance. So you can get the important data even your mobile phone is broken. It works well for people who get a new smart phone and want to transfer all files from Android phone to the new one. This page will tell you how to get the job done.

Tips and Tricks on How to Backup and Restore Your Android Phone

To back up your Android phone, we need to ask help from third-party software. Android File ManagerMac Android Manager is highly recommended here. This application can back up everything including contacts, SMS, apps, photos,music, videos,catalogs, etc.

download-win download-mac

Part 1. How to Back up Android phone data

Step 1. Install and run this software on your computer. Then connect your Android phone with computer via USB cables or WiFi. Then your device model and brand will be displayed on the main interface. Just the option you wish to use.


Step 2. Click the “Backup” button and a file browser will come up, containing all data of your Android phone such as Contacts, Text messages, Calendar, Call logs, playlists info, Apps and etc.

Step 3. Choose a folder of your computer to keep all backup files. Then click “Back up” icon start making backup copies of your Android data to computer.

Part 2. How to Restore Android phone

It is also very simple to use this software to restore your smartphone.

Step 1. Connect your device with computer and click “Restore” button of this software. A file browser containing all folders of your device will come up.


Step 2. Choose the folder you need to restore. To add files, simply click the blue Add Fold button in the bottom left corner of the file browser window.

Step 3. Just click the “Restore > Backup before Restore” button to restore you mobile phone right now.

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