Solution of How to Edit PDF in Google Docs

For most people, Google is only a search engine. Do you also just use Google as a search engine? If yes, then you must have missed some extra functions provided by Google. As a matter of fact, there are many assistant tools can be used for different purposes if you once signed up a Google account. For example, with a Google account, you are able to use Google Docs to view files in HTML format. Besides, if you want, you can also edit PDF files with the Google Docs easily.

Have never tried to edit PDF in Google Docs? Want to have a try? Maybe you can follow up the operations below to take the chance. The contents coming up will explain the details of how to edit PDF file in Google Docs for you. Just keep on reading to learn the details for yourself now!

Tips for Editing PDF Files in Google Docs

Step 1: Sign up your Google account

To begin, you will need a Google account for using Google Docs. Sign up a Google account and login in. Then you will see many apps listed as the picture shows below.


Step 2: Upload PDF to Google Docs

Access to Google Docs, and simply click on the “Upload…” option on the top left to process to the upload interface as below shown. Here you should first click “Select files to upload” to choose your target file. And then make the “Convert text from PDF or image files to Google Docs documents” option selected. After that, you can then click the “Start upload” button to upload a PDF file.


Step 3: Edit PDF in Google Docs

After you have uploaded the PDF file, you will see it on your list of docs that are located on your Google drive, where you will store and edit your documents from. You can then edit PDF file in Google Docs as well as edit in Word program with all necessary tools. There you can make comments, highlight and bookmark on the opened PDF document with leisure.

After all, you can then save Google Docs as PDF and sync the document to your Google account as need. Actually it is totally free to use the Google Docs to extract text from PDF files for further editing on Google Docs. So, this way is rightly suitable for the ones who want to edit PDF files easily for free. Hope you will enjoy!

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