Quick Tip of How to Send Large PDF Files via Email

Have you ever met the situation that you are ready to send a PDF file via email but the file turns out to be too large to send over the email service? If you often suffered from such cases, then you may follow the quick tip here to split the large PDF file into two or three smaller ones to send via email easily and effectively.

As we know, whatever email server we use, there are usually the limitations on the size of the attachment allowed. So, to send a PDF document by email successfully, it is a necessity to make the file controlled in a certain size. Well, once you want to send a large PDF file to someone via email easily, the most efficient way could be spitting the overloaded PDF file into several smaller ones. By doing so, you can send the large PDF file as several parts via email one by one.

This post is here to introduce you the quick tip of how to send large PDF files via email by splitting the files into smaller ones. Follow the steps below to learn the details now.

How to Split Large PDF Files to Send by Email

To split a large PDF file for mail, a proper PDF slitting tool is undoubtedly needed. iStonsoft PDF Splitter is rightly a good choice. This professional software provides an efficient way to split a PDF file into several smaller ones with just simple clicks. Now, just let download and install it to split large PDF files for mailing.

Step 1: Start the PDF Splitter and click the “Add File” option from the program interface to import the large PDF files that you want to send via email.

Step 2: On the program, click on the gear icon before any loaded PDF file to enter the “Custom Setting” window to select and define the splitting method as your preference.

custome settings

Step 3: Once confirm the customized splitting method, you can then set a new path to save the upcoming smaller PDF files. After you set the output destination, click the Start icon to split PDF.

In just a blink, the splitting process will be finished. Then you can feel easy to email these smaller PDF parts via emails by attaching them one by one. Try for yourself now!

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