iOS 7 Enabled Some Nifty New Security Features

iOS 7, which was announced days ago on the WWDC by Apple, brings a lot of changes. In the last post, I’ve introduced some new features of the iOS 7. These features made the iOS 7 attractive. Actually, in addition to these main changes, a number of security-related enhancements also made the iOS 7 an operating system worth using. Today, let’s have a look at the newly added security features in the iOS 7.

1. Activation Lock

Currently if a user lost his iOS device, he can use the Find My iPhone feature to locate the device and take security measures to protect information security. But there is a defect that the thief can turn off the iOS device and restore the device before the owner uses Find My iPhone to protect the device.

In iOS 7, there is a new Activation Lock feature. With this feature, one will need Apple ID and password to close the Find My iPhone or erase the device information. This new feature is really a major deterrent to the thief. And it also made Find My iPhone more practical.

2. iCloud KeyChain

iOS 7 Safari’s AutoFill feature has been extended to store user names, passwords and credit card numbers and so on. When users access the landing site or an online shopping site, Safari will automatically enter such information. And the info can also be synchronized to all devices running iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks via iCloud Keychain. Apple said they used 256-bit AES encryption to save the information.

3. Private browsing is easier to set up

In iOS 6, users can prevent the web chase through the private browsing mode. And users can set this up in the Settings. But now in iOS 7, users can directly set this in Safari via the new label mode or in the bookmark page.

4. Per-app VPN

VPN enables the security data exchange between users and those non-private network users. In iOS 7, this feature is further extended to per-app VPN. That is, different applications can be connected to a different VPN. But the specific working mode is unclear now.

5. Default Data Protection

Users may not be aware of that when you set a password, you are using the data protection function. Data protection using a password to protect hardware encryption key and enhance the built-in hardware encryption function. This enables users to plus a layer of protection for the emails, messages and attachments. Apple also said that the iOS 7 would also carry out data protection default to third party applications.

See, Apple has enabled some nifty security features in iOS 7. Maybe you could try to make use of any feature that improves your data security.

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