8 Essential iPad Apps for Business Users

ipad business appsBefore we mainly focused on numerous entertainment apps of iPad, but actually there are also a wealth of business apps for the business people who want to keep their production status on the go. iPad applications always closely follow customer demands, that’s why this gadget can quickly occupy the market since its first releasing in 2010. In this article, we list 8 of the most hot-selling business apps on iPad, from Dropbox to word processor. These essential iPad business apps will keep you connected, stay productive, on schedule, and informed no matter you’re in your office, at home, at dinner, across town, or across the world.

1. Dropbox (Price: Free)

dropboxThe obvious flaws of iPad are its limited storage capacity and lacking of mobile devices, which leading to an inconvenience of the information transmission between different devices. Dropbox solve this problem effectively. By creating a sharing space, users can upload files, and then browse them through software. The basic version of Dropbox provides 2GB free storage space, realizing the direct files sharing on computers, smart phones and tablets.

2. Quickoffic Pro (Price: $14.99)

quickofficeQuick Office is a perfect tool to create, edit and integrate Microsoft Office documents on iPad. The installation procedure is very simple and the downloading time is very short. This program is compatible with many cloud services, such as Google Docs, Dropbox, Box, Mobile Me, Huddle and SugarSync, so that you can gain documents from various ways.

3.  Skyfire (Price: $2.99)

skyfireMany network video clips can be played on iPad since it doesn’t support the flash format. Now you can watch the short films all over the world on iPad with Skyfire. The program can download Flash content via Skyfire server, convert them to HTML5 and then send to iPad. Skyfire not only can go through the obstacles of flash, but also provide the toolbar at the bottom of the browser to preview the condition of Facebook, Twitter and Gmail without having to open them first.

4. Bloomberg (Price: Free)

bloombergThis iPad business app makes maximum use of the room where have not been fully used. This free program is convenient for you to read business news and stock information. Bloomberg’s designer can provide the most detailed and accurate shares information and related news. In addition, you can also download and listen to the Bloomberg news highlights.

5. Pages (Price: $9.99)

pagesMany iPad users are using other Apple’s productions like Mac or MacBook, which requires the file compatible with the Pages app. You can add chart, pictures and photo conveniently, and realize the sharing on Mac and PC through e-mail, MobileMe, iDisk and iTunes, also you can upload the files to iWork.com. Pages also uses the AirPrint function, allowing you to locate the compatible devices automatically, wirelessly print documents and etc. By the way, you can use it on Mac.

6. Dragon Dictation (Price: Free)

dragon dictationThis speech recognition software mainly converts the reading content to text in order to make up the insufficient that no keyboard on iPad. But it is not ideal for inputting a great quantity of text. In a quiet environment, it can easily identify the sentence that made up of 10-15 words though there may be some errors in digital and pause. Starting of a new paragraph, quote, marks and so no can be supported.

7. Xpense Tracker (Price: $4.99)

xpense trackerThis app is especially suitable for business travelers. It can effectively distinguish between business spending and personal expenses that is extremely favourable for enterprises. With it, you can easily create spending details. You can use iPad camera to take picture and store it directly.

8. Skype (Price: Free)

skypeAs an app for VoIP, Skype is a convenient and inexpensive communication tool. Skype on iPad is the same version on iPhone, you can talk to other people via 3G network and Wi-Fi, and also you can send messages and have video calls. In addition, the running of Skype is stable and the network connection has no problem, you can hold multipartite conferencing with a low cost.

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