iPhone Apps for Heart Rate Tracking

Unlike most of the smart phones on the market nowadays, iPhone not only let you make phone calls and enjoy entertainments from movies, music, games or books. It also can help to check your physical condition by measuring and tracking your heart rate with specific Health & Fitness apps offered in iTunes app for iPhone.

It seems that the iPhone apps for heart rate measuring or tracking have become very popular recently. So, this article is mainly here to recommend some great apps for you to measure your heart rate and track your heart condition via iPhone with ease. Just go ahead to pick one to give a try on your iPhone now if you have interest in these heart rate apps for iPhone.

Great iPhone Apps for Heart Rate Measuring and Tracking

1. Heart Rate (Free)

First, let’s start from a free app which can measure your heart rate with the built-in camera of your iPhone in a quite easy way. All you need to do is just put your finger on the camera and wait until you see the information on the screen. This free app measures your heart rate by detecting the skin color changes of your finger when blood flows into it. This is rightly a way which is similar to the way that a professional medical pulse oximeter works. But this is only an app which is intended to be used for fun only. So, please note not use it for any medical purposes.

2. Instant Heart Rate ($0.99)

This small app enables you to check your heart rate at any time as if you are in a professional fitness center. It makes use of the iPhone camera to detect the pulse from your fingertip. The pulse detection from fingertip had already been widely used technology in the medical work before, and now it has been taken into the iPhone platform. With it, you only need to place your fingertip on the camera of your iPhone for a few seconds, then you will see your heart rate displayed on the screen. A real-time analysis chart of your heartbeat will also come along with it.

3. Cardiio ($2.99)

Different from the two apps mentioned in the above paragraphs, this is a touchless camera pulse sensor app for iPhone users to measure heart rate. With this app installed on your iPhone, you only need to hold your iPhone and let the front camera to capture your facial details. And then this app will capture the tiny variations of the light reflected from your face to calculate the heart rate accurately. What more, this app can also monitor on your body for long term so that you can see the changes of your resting heart rate in the past month. It will also compare your data with the average value.

4. HeartTracker ($2.99)

This is also an app which detects users heart rate via the camera on iPhone. Once turned on the app, you should locate your fingertip on the camera lens, at the same time the app will open the flashlight for auxiliary test. The real time data will be provided for you to see the average and maximum heart rate. In addition to calculating the heart rate, this app can also calculate the aerobic fitness information, for example, the calories consumed in motion. And then the app will also form these data into a table so that you can follow the history of the day, week and month to the trend of your physical fitness and heart rate.

Well, these are all the iPhone heart rate monitor apps I’d like to recommend you. What you should note is that these iPhone apps for heart rate measuring and tracking are mainly to provide you a refernce, so you should not use it as a medical basis. As a matter of fact, there are many similar heath apps in the App Store. But you should mention not to use them for the purpose of treating disease, after all the hardware equipment on a mobile device is limited.

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