iStonsoft Mobi to Epub Converter Released

Mobipocket (Mobi) is one of the popular ebook format on the market. The Mobi e-book format is based on the Open eBook standard using XHTML and can include JavaScript and frames and it was developed for Personal Digital Assistant initially. It also supports native SQL queries to be used with embedded databases.

With the release of Amazon Kindle Series ebook reader, the Mobi ebook format is more popular due to the large user base of Kindle and Mobi is one the main ebook format supported by Kindle. However, other ebook readers such as iPad do not support Mobi ebooks in its official announcement. If you want to put Mobi books to iPad, you need to convert it to Epub, which is a native ebook format for iOS devices.

iStonsoft Mobi to ePub Converter is professional for converting MOBI to ePub files for reading on NOOK, Mobipocket, iriver Story HD, iPad, Sony Reader, Android phones, and so on. Moreover, iStonsoft MOBI to ePub Converter is very easy-to-handle and barely three simple steps can finish all the conversion job: import MOBI files(s) to the program, customize settings and do the conversion. Finally, what you need is transfer output ePub eBooks to your devices. Enjoy reading your eBooks. A screen shot of this program:

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