Apple iTunes 11 Review: Be Available Now

After a long while waiting, iTunes 11 finally come to see us finally. It was considered that iTunes 11 would be released with iPhone 5 but the launch was then delayed because of “engineering difficulties”. Apple users cannot wait but downloading the newest version of iTunes to experience new features of it. This page will make a iTunes review for you. Let’s view the distinctive features of iTunes 11.

What New?

1. New User Interface

Apple delivers a brand new appearance to the latest iTunes which makes iTunes look more like the iTunes Store: the Store has been given a makeover, and the line between App and Store is getting rather blurry.The whole interface is simpler with a edge-to-edge design. The  iTunes Store, Books, Movies, Podcasts, and such are gone and a sidebar is packed instead.

2. The MiniPlayer

The freshened up MiniPlayer is another distinctive features brought by iTunes 11. The shrunken-size playback window is one of the marquee features of the new release; instead of being triggered by the green Zoom button, there’s now a dedicated MiniPlayer button in the upper right-hand corner of the window. Besides, it shows the detailed information of the song likes the album art, track name, and artist, but as soon as you mouse over the window.

3. Facebook Integration and Galleries

Facebook has taken the place of Ping in iTunes 11, with which you can see some information about friends on Facebook. Such as you can see if any of your friends have hit Like on any iTunes content you’re considering buying, and when you buy something you can then share the earth-shattering news with everybody you know on Facebook.

Besides that, Twitter is also available on this version of iTunes. Through it, you can post photos, tour details as well as music to your Twitter directly.

4. TV, Movies

The most distinctive feature of iTunes is that it supports for streaming video content from iCloud. Any content you purchase from the iTunes Store should appear playable. even if you haven’t downloaded it to computer. iTunes will now sync your place in movies and TV shows.

5. iCloud Integration

iTunes 11 becomes a window to iCloud. When you buy some media files on any iCloud-enabled device and giving you the ability to move seamlessly from one device to another.

iTunes 11 Error

Many people find that the iTunes 11 occur errors when they download it to computer. Just like previous iTunes or iOS system, there may be some bugs on the iTunes 11. Apple technologists are working hard to fix these iTunes 11 error. So, we advice you not to experience this new iTunes too early.  It never be too late for you to get it, after the iTunes 11 performs more stable.

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