Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac

Keyboard shortcuts are combinations of simultaneous key presses that perform certain actions as an alternative to using the mouse. Keyboard shortcuts usually require a combination of modifier keys (command, option, control and shift) and other keys.


Shift+Apple+Q – Log out

Shift+Option Apple+Q – Log out immediately

Shift+Apple+DeleteEmpty – Trash

Option+Apple+Esc  – Force Quit


Apple+N  – New Finder window or New Blank Page in Some Applications

Shift+Apple+N  – New Folder Must Be In Finder Window For It to Work

Apple+O – Open Another Existing Document

Apple+S  – Save

Shift+Apple+S – Save as

Apple+P – Print

Apple+W – Close Window

Apple+Option+W  – Close all Windows

Apple+Q – Close Application

Apple+E – Eject

Apple+F – Find


Apple+Z – Undo

Apple+X – Cut

Apple+C – Copy

Apple+V – Paste

Apple+A  – Select All


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