TinyTap: An App Allows Kids to Create Their Own Games on iPad

tinytap logoRecently, an application named TinyTap from iTunes App Store has attracted much attention. This is a free new iPad game app which is designed for kids to create playable book or game with photos, music and their own voices on iPad. The finished works can be shared with families and friends. Furthermore, TinyTap also provides children with some ready-made but can be modified games. Children can customize these games according to their own opinions and ideas, adding their own voice and actions for example. Let’s take a look at more features of this kids’ app.


The app is targeted at the kids up to 4 years old. But after a hands-on experience with it, we found the interaction design and the complexity of the workflow is not simple. For example, the design of the user interface is just strange. Look at the picture below, the addible elements, such as Questions and Add Photos options are centered as thumbnails located in this app’s dashboard. While the Add Music option is weirdly suspending above among another Add Photo button, Share option and Edit option. This kind of designing just makes users confused and maybe brings difficulties to kids.

ipad tinytap


Although there are some problems, TinyTap is still much better than any other kids’ apps out there in the iTunes App Store. Unlike just being players in other game apps, kids act as the game creator in TinyTap, which is undoubtedly helpful to kids’ growing.

The idea of this kids’ App much like Microsoft’s Kodu, a visual programming language designed for kids to help them in creating PC and Xbox games. The more positive significance of Kodu is that it can allow children to think like programmers. But Kodu is for slightly older children. TinyTap is an Israeli company, which was created by the UX designers Yogev Shelly and another people, whose name is not convenient to be disclosed right now. You can freely download TinyTap app in iTunes now.

At present, there are so many DIY applications for adults and it is rare to see such kind of app for kids. So even if TinyTap has some shortcomings, it still has a great significance for its existence.

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