Make Love Ringtones for Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day is on the corner. You must want to do something to make that day special. You are racking your brains trying to send a special gift for your beloved. Ring? Chocolate? Rose?  Too out! I’m sure you sweetheart are tired of receiving traditional gifts as these. Why not to make a special and meaningful present to surprise your lover in Valentine’s Day.


Nowadays, homemade Valentine’s Day gift arises and has gained more and more favors increasingly. So, why not to make a Valentine’s Day gift by yourself? In previous article, we have introduced to How to Make A Valentine’s Photo Slideshow Gift for Your Lover. It is exactly a nice idea for your romantic Saint Valentine’s Day. This page recommend you to make love ringtones for Valentine’s Day.

Many people prefer to have a special songs as the ringtone. The ringtone can be cool, romantic, etc. We would like to go to Internet, searching for the nice ringtone. Indeed, there are countless intriguing ringtone resources on the Internet. But the nasty question is that most ringtone files from websites have been downloaded for hundreds even thousands of times. That means that you have to use the same ringtones as thousands of people. Let alone that you cannot find the music of ringtone you are looking for. Thus, an increasing number of people prefer to make ringtone by themselves.

Actually, it is very cool to personalize ringtone by ourselves. We can pick up the most attractive section of music and convert it as ringtone. Then, as Valentine’s Day is coming, you may make a love ringtone for your sweetheart. You may record the word you want to say to her to ringtone, or make her/his favorite music as the ringtone.

How to Create Valentine’s Day Ringtone?

To make this job simpler, we recommend you to use iPhone Ringtone Maker / iPhone Ringtone Maker for Mac. This software is a ringtone solution tool for creating iPhone ringtones with any video, audio in all popular file formats, such as AVI, MP3, MP4, MOV, M4V, WMV, WMA, AVHCD, MKV and so on.

download-win download-mac

Step 1. Install and run this application. Click “Open File” button to open any audio/video files you like.


Step 2. Move the “Begin point” button and “End Point” button to trim/clip any part you like. Move the “Audio Fade” slide bar to set the fade in/out percentage.

Step 3. You may pre-listen the output ringtone effect. Repeat Step 2 to Step 4 to edit the audio.

Step 4. Click “CREATE RINGTONE NOW!” button to make custom iPhone ringtones.

OK, we have finished this process now. You may create your personalized ringtone as the gift for your lover this Valentine’s Day.

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