Mac OS X Mountain Lion Hidden Features

Are you already familiar with the new Mountain Lion system after installed it for several days? Is there a possibility that some hidden functions have not been explored? Do you want to know the functions that are not widely known? Here we will introduce some low-key features/functions of the Mountain Lion. Why not go ahead to check if you have discovered these hidden features now!

Hidden Features of Mountain Lion

1. Time Machine to encrypt the backup.
Even the Time Machine existed in OS X system over years, it has been complained about its rarely built-in option by users. Mountain Lion certainly doesn’t add more configuration options for users choice, but it brings an encryption function. Once you have a lot of sensitive information stored on your Mac hard drive, don’t worry, you can use the Time Machine to encrypt the backup. So you have no need to about the loss of data, and also do not have to worry about privacy issues.

2. Organize Dashboard widgets to a folder.
The Mountain Lion enables user to create a folder to store Dashboard widgets. User can name the folder and also search any widget inside.

3. Memo can be attached to the desktop.
The Mac system in the past contains a post-it software, which is called Stickies and loved by the users. Even this app no longer exists in Mountain Lion, the Notes software is actually there with a sticky memo function. You can create a memo and then “paste” it on the desktop.

4. Send Twitter message from Notification Center.
Twitter was integrated into the Mountain Lion system, but we have few opportunity to use this function. If you have once use it, have you found that there is a “click to send Twitter messages” button at the top of the screen of Notification Center. Such a convenient feature truly realize the purpose of whenever and wherever possible to share.

5. Preserved account password to put things right once and for all.
The current Mountain Lion allows users to save some of the service account password. So each time you need to use these services, the system will automatically log in that you have no need to enter the account password. It just puts things right once and for all. The service account it can save now is not much, and it is said this new system will enable this function with more service.

6. Let Notification Center Quiet for a while.
Notification Center is conscientious to remind you every message. This is good, but you may also be upset to it sometimes.If you once want to let the notification center shut up one day, you can rightly open the Notification Center and pull to the top to hit on the switch you see. That is a switch to turn off the voice and banner reminders of the Notification Center.

7. File rename shortcut.
Now, it is not so troublesome to rename files. You have no need to save the file and then close it now, you just need to click on the small arrow next to the file name at the top to select “Rename” from the drop-down menu.

8. Shortcut for Quick Look sharing.
Since Mountain Lion has integrated share function into the system as a whole that you can see the share buttons almost everywhere. Even the Quick Look also has a built-in share icon. So, once you browse pictures with Quick Look, you can immediately click on the upper right corner to share what you are viewing.

9. Supports to use a scanner to insert pages into PDF file.
Suppose you want to insert a page into a PDF file, you can select to insert from files or scanner in “Edit -> Insert” options. This saves a lot of time. This feature is very useful for office, but it is often neglected.

10. Drag and drop to copy files when screen sharing.
Once the screen sharing is enabled on two Mountain Lion based Macs, you can simply drag and drop files from one to another machine to achieve file transmission. This feature is actually there for years in Apple’s Remote Desktop, but now it has been integrated into this new system.

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