New Features Roundup of iOS 7

Even there was not the news of the long-awaited new iPhone and new iPad at the WWDC 2013, the announcement of iOS 7 is undoubtedly a good news for most people. As a new version with the biggest changes since the advent of iOS, iOS 7 is now branded with the new CEO label. And it seems to indicate that Apple Corp has finally entered the age of Tim Cook.


The change of iOS7 is from the inside out, in addition to flattening icon design flat, it also comes with many internal changes. Here, I will mainly show you ten most important new features of iOS7. Hope this could be helpful for you to be more intuitive understanding the charm of this new system.

10 New Features of iOS 7

1. Multitasking
Apple has introduced a new multitasking application functionality in iOS 7, compared to the previous one, the multitasking function seems to be more intuitive and more power-saving. With a brand new design, the multitasking function can let you see the background app more intuitively. As it becomes more intelligent that it can provide more convenience for your daily life.

2. Safari
Apple’s Safari for iOS has been the fastest web browsers in the mobile system. Now, the evolution of Safari in the iOS7 is huge. Safari will have a brand new full-screen view to focus on content rather than control. And the new tab page arrangement form is very cool. All the pages will be longitudinal aligned in the preview forms. Some other handy little features are also available in iOS 7 now to enhance the user experience.

3. Control Center
The brand new control center will make it possible for you to have quick set for your iPhone. For example, via the control center, you can fast switch to flight mode, adjust the screen light, active the newly added flashlight function, etc.

4. Camera
The camera feature of iOS 7 has also changed. It comes with a more intuitive interface. And you can use the full-screen slide operations to switch to photo, video or panoramic taking mode as needed. What’s more, the camera in iOS 7 is coming with a variety of filter effects with which you can take personalized photos directly without using any other third party apps.

5. Siri
The Siri in iOS 7 now features brand new interface, brand new voice and also new functions. It now can answer your questions more quickly.

6. AirDrop
Now AirDrop function is finally available in iOS 7. With this function, you can share information to any other Apple device supported this function via WiFi and bluetooth in a convenient and safe way. The whole process can be very simple. It does not require any settings to search for each other. And the contents are also encrypted in real time transmission, so there will be no security problems.

7. iOS in the Car
Many car brands are also trying to add iOS into their products, including Ferrari, Chevrolet, Honda, Hyundai and other auto brands. They will launch the iOS built-in models in 2014. On the occasion, you will be able to play music, make navigation operations and more directly in the car without iPhone.

8. App Store
Apple also carried out a number of optimization for the App Store in iOS 7. In addition to some improvements on the interface, it now supports application age grading as the searching range to enable a more convenient searching for apps. In addition, App Store will also feature in automatic update of apps.

9. iTunes Radio
iOS 7 will come with brand new iTunes Radio. It will be a part of the iTunes music. It offers numerous Internet radio stations for you to listen to your favorite songs for free. Of course, as a free service, it will be with the advertisement. But the users ordered the iTunes Match service can enjoy ad-free version.

10. Activation Lock
Activation lock is a safety feature newly added in iOS7. The re-activate iPhone will need to enter the Apple ID and password to activate the phone. So, if not the owner of the iPhone, it will be very difficult to have access to this information. This function is based on the popular “Find My iPhone” function, and enhance the security of the overall iOS system.

Ok, these are all about the important new features of iOS 7. Hope this could be helpful for you to know well about the new system.

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