The next generation iPhone guess – 5 new features relying on iOS 6

iphoneOn yesterday’s WWDC, Apple released the new iOS 6 details. iOS 6 will be available in this fall, support iPhone 3GS and the later versions. iPhone users will fall in love with iOS 6’s new specs. Although Apple hasn’t unveiled the new iPhone in yesterday’s WWDC, we can make a guess about the next generation iPhone, deduced from the iOS 6 new features.

1. Mobile wallet

Passbook is the first promise of Apple, committed to the ticket / voucher / billing integration. It doesn’t seem to make much sense to add QR code or other user’s commonly used card. But if Apple can push forward people to use iPhone as digital wallet, this will be the first step of iPhone to turn on NFC and other brush payment functions.

2. 4G LTE

Obviously, the next iPhone will support 4G LTE. The feature of “Mobile phone FaceTime” is laying the groundwork for releasing the new 4G iPhone. Then will FaceTime support 3G mobile phone? Since Skype supports 3G, it is expected that FaceTime will also support.

3. Siri and Eyes Free

Last year, Siri became iPhone 4S’s biggest selling point. This year, we expect that Siri for Car and Eyes Free will be integrated to the next generation iPhone and the new Siri and Eyes Free will become the selling poing. Maybe some people are crazy for Siri’s low corresponding speed and bad practicality. The good news is that Apple has been improving the functions of Siri, just as we see in the WWDC.

4. Voice navigation of the entire journey

Apple hoped to control the entire journey with voice navigation, not with a navigation app. They hope iPhone become a real navigation device. Maybe Apple Ad of this fall will focus on how to help stray people to find the way back to home.

5. Bigger display screen

Since Apple Map app has the three-dimensional effect, iPhone may have bigger size screen. 3D maps and Safari’s new offline reading function indicate that the new iPhone will be more suitable for reading and navigation.

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