Jul 11

Ready to Watch London 2012 Olympic Games?

Are you excited about the coming of London 2012 Olympic Games? London’s games is a mere ten days and it will be kicked off on 27 July and last to 12 August 2012.

London has held two Olympic Games before, the 4th Olympic Games in 1908 and the 14th Olympic Games in 1948. And this time, the 30th Olympic Games consists of 21 sports, restoring the shooting, water polo, sailing, etc., projects. And it’s the first time that women’s boxing will be included in the Olympic programmer. What’s more, this London 2012 is also the first Paralympic Games for London. Continue reading “Ready to Watch London 2012 Olympic Games?” »

Jul 04

Reviews: The Advantages & Disadvantages of Google Nexus 7

Amazon Kindle Fire, launched in 2011, has set the standard for the low-priced tablet, but the pricing of Google Nexus 7 is directed to Kindle Fire’s. The 8GB and 16GB version costs &199 and $249. Such a price still has strong competitive even in the day of the price of tablets becoming lower and lower. The superior performance and the low price have inflamed people’s purchasing desire. You may be one of those who really want to know the  advantages and disadvantages of Nexus 7. Here’s an overview of it.

Continue reading “Reviews: The Advantages & Disadvantages of Google Nexus 7” »

Jul 02

How to Print Web Pages as PDF File in Firefox

print pdf filesAdobe PDF is one of the most widely used file all over the world. It has taken unlimited convenience to people’s daily life and work, and we will still benefit from this file type in the future. Because its high stability and compatibility, lots of users like to preserve some indispensable technical data, study research, contract, etc. in PDF format, and then share them with related workers on the Internet freely. Continue reading “How to Print Web Pages as PDF File in Firefox” »

Jun 26

iStonsoft Release PDF Password Remover Mac

best mac pdf password removaliStonsoft launched PDF Password Remover Mac program to meet fan’s requirements. It can help you easily and quickly remove both owner and user password from your PDF files, so that you can copy, edit, print and share your Adobe files with your friends without any restrictions.

iStonsoft PDF Password Removal for Mac provides users with the best solution to decrypt PDF password on Mac system effectively. With this amazing tool, user can easily remove all restrictions or securities from PDF documents within 3 simple steps: Launch – Import – Remove. Continue reading “iStonsoft Release PDF Password Remover Mac” »

Jun 21

iStonsoft Released PDF Password Remover Today!

iStonsoft launches PDF Password Remover today on June 21, 2012 for those people who have troubles in legitimate using of PDF files.

istonsoft pdf password remover boxPassword protection is an essential feature of PDF files or other documents. It can lock the files from printing, copying, editing, extracting and so on from unwanted users. If you have stored crucial data or some important computer information in PDF files, they indeed need to be protected with some passwords. However, if you are an owner, what can you do if you are unable to recall the PDF password? If you are a user, then what you will do if you don’t know the password and your owner is at some distant place? Or you know the passwords, but it still feels inconvenient and boring typing them each time you have to open a PDF file. Those are all the reasons why we need a PDF password remover. Continue reading “iStonsoft Released PDF Password Remover Today!” »