Jun 12

The next generation iPhone guess – 5 new features relying on iOS 6

iphoneOn yesterday’s WWDC, Apple released the new iOS 6 details. iOS 6 will be available in this fall, support iPhone 3GS and the later versions. iPhone users will fall in love with iOS 6’s new specs. Although Apple hasn’t unveiled the new iPhone in yesterday’s WWDC, we can make a guess about the next generation iPhone, deduced from the iOS 6 new features. Continue reading “The next generation iPhone guess – 5 new features relying on iOS 6” »

Jun 12

Convert 2012 Euro Championship Recordings to iPad for Playing Back Freely

2012 UEFA Euro championship games has been going on for half a week now. You are eager to watch the games, but the time zones, work hours, and weekend plans tend to interfere with your ability to sit down and watch them. Why not record the UEFA Euro Championship games with TiVo DVR box and enjoy them at your leisure? Nice idea, isn’t it? We know iPad is a great portable video player. Just imagine of enjoying your favorite 2012 Euro football matches freely on iPad no matter where you are and whenever it is. Here in this guide, we will teach you how to transfer European Cup recordings from TiVo to iPad for playing back with ease.

euro cup

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Jun 12

New Specs of iOS 6

On June 11, 2012, Apple WWDC was held in Moscone center of Sanfrancisco, in USA. Apple released the new OSX Mountaion Lion system, and upgraded MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Pro. The most important is, Apple showed the new iOS 6 for iPad, iPhone and iPod. iOS 6 will be available for users in this Fall. Then what are the new features of iOS 6? Here, you can get the answer. Continue reading “New Specs of iOS 6” »

Jun 11

Top 10 Recommended Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2012

Father’s Day is just a week away. Have you thought out what to do to honor the hero of your family? Send him the health care product, high-tech gift or just hang out with him? Your Dad will be very pleased if you pay particular attention to that day. If you haven’t prepared the gift or have no idea what to prepare, here, we list top 10 Father’s Day gift ideas to make your dear Dad feel even prouder of being your father.

fathers day

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Jun 11

Which is the Good Team to Bet on in European Cup 2012?

The European Cup 2012 will be a soccer feast for all fans this season. You may be hooked to the TV or PC since the opening of the tournament. Well, it’s better to know something additional while you are enjoying the live broadcast at home or on the go. Being high on chatting with your friends and sharing opinions about your favorite teams? Here let’s give an overview of the teams that play in this tournament. Which is the good team to bet on in European Cup 2012? Keep on seeing!

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Jun 08

8 Essential iPad Apps for Business Users

ipad business appsBefore we mainly focused on numerous entertainment apps of iPad, but actually there are also a wealth of business apps for the business people who want to keep their production status on the go. iPad applications always closely follow customer demands, that’s why this gadget can quickly occupy the market since its first releasing in 2010. In this article, we list 8 of the most hot-selling business apps on iPad, from Dropbox to word processor. These essential iPad business apps will keep you connected, stay productive, on schedule, and informed no matter you’re in your office, at home, at dinner, across town, or across the world. Continue reading “8 Essential iPad Apps for Business Users” »