Sep 11

iPhone 6 New Function

Apple’s iPhone 6 is obviously one of the most anticipated smartphones this year, then the iPhone 6 biggest bright spot is what are they?Count the iPhone 6 some of new functions/features:
1.The new design
IPhone series on the design and practice has been familiar to upgrade, as a result, this year’s iPhone 6 will certainly on the design and 5 s differ in some degree.At present, the industry tend to think that the appearance of a new generation of iPhone looks like the iPod Touch and the mixture of the Air.

2.A larger screen + higher resolution
Apple is a maverick company, they will not easily catch up trend.But this time, they may really want to compromise, and we will also usher in a long-expected iPhone.Larger screen size, of course, need higher resolution, if apple wants to keep his so-called Retina display screen.At present, the iPhone 6 is most likely to have resolution 1704 x960, this is a common resolution digital.
3.iOS 8
A new generation of iPhone nature also will have the latest version support system.According to what we’ve seen some reliable fact, apple may be ready to add several new core application.Specifically, Mac iWork suite – such as Pages, libraries and iMovie – will be added to the iOS 8.

In Healthbook Revelations earlier application is considered to be an ambitious, according to the exposure of the screenshot, it seems to have a very rich health functions, such as tracking blood glucose, blood pressure, heart rate, hydration, and even sleep.
5. More thin body, more narrow bezel
Apple like thin design, which is very obvious in their products.In fact, the whole mobile phone industry, also recognized the concept of the thinner the better
6. Higher resolution camera
Even now, the iPhone 5 s 8 million pixels iSight camera still has the industry’s leading film performance.But perhaps it is time to improve apple iPhone 6 sizes, but we also don’t expect to see how the Numbers change, almost 10 million pixels.

Apr 17

Free PDF Editor for Mac

Preview (, a free program included in every Mac OS X installation, has powerful ability to edit, annotate, merge and even add images to a PDF file. It makes it easy to view and work with PDF files and you are allowed to quickly select text or images from PDF and copy & paste them into other applications for other purposes. You are able to find the target content easily and quickly thanks to the Spotlight technology. With the sidebar, you can read the text, learn the number of matches per page and see a thumbnail of the page.

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Apr 02

iPad Apps for Remote Desktop

If you are good at computer technology and often help you family and friends to resolve all types of problems on their Windows and Mac computer, you might need an easy-to-use iPad app for remote desktop. You know it’s not so easy to explain how to operate on PC or Mac and you can not always stay with their computer. With the help of remote desktop apps for iPad, you can easily control the receiver’s computer from anywhere you are.

Here we have reviewed and list some top iPad apps for remote desktop to you. You can choose the best iPad remote desktop app to download and install it at once.

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Mar 10

How to Buy Cheap Blu-ray Movies Online?

Blu-ray Disc is now the official HD (high definition) format, and it offers the the highest possible audio and video quality available in home video. However, its price will be higher than DVD movies. To enjoy your loved Blu-ray movies, you can go to your local theatre that provides Blu-ray movies, but this may not be a good idea. The cheaper way is to buy cheap Blu-ray movies online, provided you have a Blu-ray Disc drive and an HD TV.

You can collect Blu-ray movies for a lower budget if you have a PS3, for it comes with a Blu-ray Disc drive itself. Then how to buy cheap Blu-ray movies online? Where to buy cheap Blu-ray DVDs? This article will tell you how to do that and will recommend you the best websites to buy Blu-ray movies. Continue reading “How to Buy Cheap Blu-ray Movies Online?” »

Mar 04

Download Free Movies on iPad

Apple iPad is a beautiful thing. The big screen and long battery life make it the perfect gadget for watching TV and movies on the go. However, downloading a bunch of movies through iTunes would cost you a lot of money. Why pay for what you can get for free? We put together a comprehensive list of best free movies downloading sites where you can get and watch free movies on iPad.

Hulu (
Hulu is one of the top-rated websites that offers ad-supported on-demand streaming video for TV shows, movies, clips and other content. Hulu brings together a large selection of videos from more than 410 content companies and also provide you with a wide array of acclaimed movies and documentaries.

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Aug 30

How to Add Security to PDF

As we know, PDF is a popular document format now in daily life, especially in the business world. Sometimes, it is important for us to secure PDF file with a password so as to limit access to the PDF content by others. And sometimes it is also necessary to add security to PDF for restricting certain features such as printing and editing. Well, no matter for what reason, have you ever tried to secure PDF documents? Have you ever had trouble about adding security to PDF files? Continue reading “How to Add Security to PDF” »