Passbook Alternatives for Android Phone – Android Apps like Passbook

After seeing the coverage of WWDC, we are intrigued by the new iOS 6 app called Passbook, which is an all in one solution for movie tickets, event tickets, gift cards and memberships. I am been racking my brain for an Android app with the same functions in one application but am drawing a blank. So are there any Android apps like Passbook? The answer is definitely YES! Following are top 5 Passbook alternatives for Android smartphone.

Google Wallet

Google WalletDownload this app to your Android phone, then your phone will be your wallet. With Google Walet, you can tap, pay and save with your phone. This excellent app makes paying fast with Citi-MasterCard or the Google Prepaid Card, makes saving simple buy automatically syncing your Google Offers to your phone, so your phone is a wallet that you can lock, pay with Google Wallet anywhere, keeping you save and secure. MasterCard PayPass is accepted.

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Savings Passbook

Savings PassbookWant to track your back transactions with an easy way onto a savings account? Do you need to maintain a steady account balance and stay within your budget? Savings Passbook is such an app which lets you do it easily. And it can help you save the back transactions, so you can see and keep a track over time. What’s more, to share the details with your family numbers, project team, or business partners, you just need to tap email, and send the info instantly anytime and anywhere.

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Key Ring Reward Cards

passbook alternatives for android phoneWith this app, you can add your loyalty/reward cards, get free coupons from the top retailers, share cards with relatives and friends, join new reward programs, get crockery coupons for 29 chains, and many more.

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Mygp Online Loyalty

android apps like passbookWith this app, you won’t have to bring your member cards when you need to go shopping, cutting hair, dining and buying groceries, because your member cards are put into your smartphone. This app is available in Malaysia & Singapore.

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FidMe – Loyalty cards

android apps like passbookWith FidMe, your loyalty cards will be in your mobile! The app is so simple to use and innovative. It can add your loyalty cards in seconds! You don’t need to worry that you forget your cards at home!

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