Most Popular iPhone 5 Accessories

So happy that you’ve had the brand new iPhone 5? Don’t you want to make it cool than other’s? Yeah, I’m sure you cannot wait to get various accessories to arm your new Apple mobile device. Since iPhone 5 is larger than previous iPhones, you cannot get similar accessories as your previous phone. Fortunately, manufacturers are starting to offer iPhone 5 accessories to accommodate the taller, thinner iPhone 5. Here we share a number of iPhone 5 accessories which are popular among Apple fans. Most of these accessories are already shipping from Amazon or other retailers.

iPhone 5 Case

It is the most one iPhone users would like to get for their phone for cool and beautiful cases  help us to decorate iPhone 5 according to our favorite style. Often iPhone 5 case can do more thing than that. It can protect the device well to prevent scratching. There are many cases made of different material: plastic, leather, wooden, crystal, and more. Even, there is upcoming waterproof LifeProof iPhone 5 case to protect your iPhone underwater.

The Adaptor

We all know iPhone 5 uses a new lightning cable which is 80 percent smaller than its predecessor. This power connector disables you to use iPhone 5 with all old accessories. But if you have an adapter, nothing can be a problem for you. It can turn your smaller iPhone 5 lighting cable to be the predecessor with ease.

iPhone 5  Car Charger

If you want to give power to your iPhone 5 while you are driving, an iPhone 5 Car Charger is a helper. There are a number of USB car chargers that will charge the new iPhone with the Lighting cable as fast as the iPhone wall charger.

iPhone 5 Screen Protector

Although iPhone 5 uses chemically strengthened glass on it screen, it is necessary to need a screen protector to prevent scratches. Though it might not prevent scratches on the iPhone’s new aluminum back and sides, the screen protector is still a must-have purchase for those who are rough on their phones.

PowerSkin for iPhone 5

You must have dreamed to have a case which can charge your new iPhone anytime you want. It is not a dream nowadays. Developers like Lenmar and PowerSkin are quickly responding with cases with built-in battery for Apple iPhone. With this case, you will not complain about the charge draining fast from now on.

Nike FuelBand or Lunar TR1 + Shoes

You must have heard Nike + iPod suite. Now, it comes into your iPhone as well. iPhone 5 can connect to shoes and fitness accessories to help promote a healthier lifestyle, track fitness stats or prepare for a big game. The Nike FuelBand is one of our favorite fitness gadgets to o record every movement for the sake of optimizing workouts.

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