Printable Christmas Cards for Kids

For many people, Christmas Card means a lot. We can send best wishes to old friends, new friends, colleagues, families and more. This little card becomes the media to link the relationship between us and all people we concern. Of course, there are many things we need to concern when we send Christmas cards. The first thing is to choose a proper card for different people: cute for kid, romantic for lover, etc.  We know that a card with proper background sounds a lot. This page will focus on printable Christmas Cards for Kids.


Frequently, we would like to choose cute cards with variety colors for children. There are many websites for us to get free printable cards for Kids on Christmas, such as Zazzle, Greetingsisland, Printfree, Activityvillage, etc. Through these sites, you can use the templates. You just need to choose your favorite card and then personalize it by adding greeting word of Christmas. Then print them out.

Generally speaking, it is not the best idea to send a printable Christmas card to kid. These templates have been made for a while and may have been downloaded by thousands of people. What’s more, these cards cannot present your greetings to the best. In fact, many people choose to customize a printable card with own massage and pack up with gift for your gifts on Christmas Eve.

It is not so hard to generate printable Christmas Card. Even through you find this article on Christmas Eve, there’s still time for you to create a printable Cards for Kids on Christmas. Of course, there are something you need to prepare. One is the printer to print the card out, and  the another you need to get is a helpful Photo Collage Maker. This software is created especially for user to design various digital and printable card. It is very easy to use so you don’t need to have professional skill. There are tons of templates of various scenes and festivals for you. Of course, you can insert any elements to the card according to your needs  such as photos, text, etc.

You just need to run this software after you have installed it. Then you will see the interface as follows.

how to make christmas card

– Launch the program and open “Collage” menu. Then click “Open From Template” to create collage from preset template.
– Import your photos by double-clicking “Drop Photo Here”. You may add what greeting word to the card.
– Click “Save Collage As Picture” and print it out.

That’s it! So easy.

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