Reasons for Upgrading iOS 6

Since Apple’s iOS 6 has officially provided users with download and upgrade link, more and more people have experienced its powerful functions for the first time. But at the same time, there is also more and more bad news about this all-new system. Just like the saying goes “There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes”, so it is inevitable that there are has different influence for the release of iOS 6 systems.

Maybe you’re confused by whether upgrade your iOS’s system to the latest one, right? Therefore, we write this article to list the top 5 reasons for you to upgrade iOS system on your iPhone 4S/4, the new iPad and iPad 2.

Top 5 Reasons for Upgrading iOS 6

All-new 3D Map
Undoubtedly, this all-new 3D Map app in the iOS 6 system is a response to Google Maps. Using the new application, iOS users will be able to get by-way navigation, 3D map and real-time traffic situations. What’s more, the design of this map will be easy to handle for those people who have been familiar with Google Maps.

Apple’s 3D Map is a great point in the iOS 6 system, but many users have compared it to Google Maps and think its function is not stronger than Google Maps. So there are more and more people want to get back Google Maps on iOS 6 devices. If you have tried Apple’s map and still want to get Google Maps, then you can click the link. Even though Apple’s 3D Map still has lots need to be improved, but, we believe that Apple will meet all users in mind in the future.

Improved Siri Function
Siri is a new surprise in the release of iPhone 4S, but it only can be used in the iPhone 4S. So it is a great pity for iPad users. This time, Siri has been improved the accuracy of answering questions, and it compatible with iPad completely. Meanwhile, the new Siri will help you find hotel info as well as sports information.

siri function

Integrated Facebook
Apple provides a built-in integrated Twitter app in its iOS 5 system. So this time, Apple adds Facebook integration to their iOS 6 system. Maybe this is not a major upgrade of the corporate users, but if you like to use social networking, then you will love it.

social networking facebook app

Perhaps many users have not paid more attention to this new function, but actually Passbook will be the most potential function in the whole iOS 6 system. With it, users will be able to place the boarding cards, shopping vouchers, movie tickets and other items into a specific location. And when people close to a particular place, Passbook will remind you to participate in an activity.

New Calling Features
In the iOS 6 iPhone and iPad, users have different ways to reply to a coming call, such as reply with a message, remind later and enter the “Do Not Disturb” mode. All of these give iOS users a new experience in calling phones. Here are the detailed features of iOS 6 calling features.

Besides the features we mentioned above, there are still have lots of new functions of the iOS 6. So all in all, you have to try this new system on your iPhone and iPad, we sure that you’ll never regret of your choice.

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