Reviews: The Advantages & Disadvantages of Google Nexus 7

Amazon Kindle Fire, launched in 2011, has set the standard for the low-priced tablet, but the pricing of Google Nexus 7 is directed to Kindle Fire’s. The 8GB and 16GB version costs &199 and $249. Such a price still has strong competitive even in the day of the price of tablets becoming lower and lower. The superior performance and the low price have inflamed people’s purchasing desire. You may be one of those who really want to know the  advantages and disadvantages of Nexus 7. Here’s an overview of it.


Undoubtedly, Nexus 7 is a very good value with a screen that’s 7 inches on the diagonal. 1280*800 high resolution has made Nexus 7 changed the history of “Low Price Tablet Always Has Cheap Screen”. Kindle Fire, the main force of this price level, has a screen with only 1024*600 resolution.

Besides its screen has higher resolution and the color looks more vivid than the Fire, Nexus is appreciably lighter and slightly thinner than Amazon Kindle Fire.

Nexus 7 is running the latest version of Android Operating System – ‘Jelly Bean’. What’s more, the tablet has upgrades on Bluetooth and GPS chips and supports near field communication between OS Android 4.1. The boot time of Nexus 7 is very short – only 35 seconds. And its running speed is even better than its start-up speed. Google has greatly improved the reaction speed of the system in Android 4.1 system. So you can find that Nexus 7 has high efficiency, whether it is running the complex chart program ” Google Play Magazine” or load the pages.

In addition to these, the voice control module and the Google Now program of Nexus 7 also give users all new experiences.


However, Google Nexus 7 has a great challenge – lack of quality application for the large screen. Although Google Nexus 7 is to position itself in content consumption, the resources for it are slim.

This 7inch flat panel computer has only a front camera – it is inconvenient for those who are used to using rear camera. And other drawbacks of it are it doesn’t have TF Card Slot and some users may feel disappointed with the lack of 3G or 4G version.


Needless to say, the Nexus 7 is very cost effective. Its outstanding screen, processor, as well as its new operating system Android 4.1 ‘Jelly Bean’, are all fantastic. From many perspectives, the Nexus 7 is better than Kindle Fire. However, Amazon has its own advantage in publications, which resources are more suitable for users, and the price is also more affordable.

Facing the impact of Google, it’s still unknown that what response Kindle Fire 2 will make. Recent news that Amazon will release Kindle Fire in advance to  response to the Nexus 7. How many waves will these two tablet, which hold the “iPad Killer” title, make in the tablet market? Let’s wait and see.

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