An Efficient Way to Save ePub as PDF for Better Reading

If you are an ebook fan, then you must be very familiar with the ePub format. As we know, this is a very usual format to see when searching or downloading ebooks. Most of the mainstream ebook reading devices nowadays are compatible with this format of ebooks. However, among the numerous eReaders, there is an exception. That’s the Amazon Kindle series.

As it was known by most people, Kindle series devices don’t support ePub format ebooks. So once you have some ePub format books and want to read them on your Kindle Fire or any other Kindle device, then you have to convert the ePub files to another ebook format which is supported by Kindle. For example, you can save ePub as PDF format files to read on Kindle device with leisure.

Because of the compatibility issue, PDF is now the most widely used file format. Once change ePub files to PDF format, you can feel easy to enjoy your ebooks on Kindle or any other device without any hassle. This post rightly focuses on the issue of how to save ePub as PDF. If you have interest in this, then read on to check the details now!

Steps of How to Change ePub Files to PDF Format

To be started, let’s first download and install the iStonsoft ePub to PDF Converter on the computer. The below is the trial version for you to evaluate.

Step 1: Run App and Load Files
Once you have finished the installation of the program, you can then run it and hit the “Add File” from the interface to load the ePub files.

Step 2: Set Output Folder (Optional)
Once you load the files into the program, you can then go to the lower “Output Folder” section to set the output destination as you want.

Step 3: Kick off Conversion
Finished all the necessary works? Then you can click “Start” to change ePub files to PDF directly.

The status bar behind each input files will show you the exact conversion process. Once it turns out to be 100%, then it means the conversion is finished. You can then click the “Open” option to locate the output folder directly for a check of the output PDF files instantly. Of course, once the conversion is finished, you can also connect your Kindle to import the output PDF files to the portable device for leisure time reading.

See that? It is just so easy to save ePub as PDF format files for the reading on Kindle and many other device. If you are trying to read ePub files on your Kindle device, then just get the software offered below to let it do you a favor now!

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