Proper Way to Share Books between Devices

Since it was created and widely used in many place, ebook benefits us a lot. We don’t need to take thick paper based books with numerous pages anywhere we go. Thanks to ebook, in a long trip, we just need to take a lightweight eBook reader containing tons of books. We will have a good trip with no heavy luggage.


As the development of Ebook, many brands have released readers for us to read various book files conveniently. All of these devices, with elegant appearance designs, can store a significant number of book resources. For book lovers, they are not content with reading book purchased or downloaded from website by themselves. They never miss an opportunity to share intriguing book files with each other. But many people may have find that it is not so easy to make things happen especially for people who have devices of different brands. If you’re also confused with this problem for a long time, just refer to this page which brings you simplest ways to go through the job.

Simplest Way to Make It Possible to Share Books across Multiple Devices

The main reasons that we cannot share eBook files between different devices are disable synchronization such as Apple products and compatibility issue. OK, we will give you proper way to help you.

1. Share Books among Apple Products

We know that in order to protect the copyright, Apple disables us to get any media files from Apple portable device with iTunes. But it doesn’t mean we can do nothing to share books among iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Software likes iPad/iPhone/iPod touch to Computer Transfer will help us a lot. This software is able to extract book, movie, songs, photo, camera roll, ringtone, podcast, playlist and more files from iPad/iPhone/iPod touch to computer. So you can share any book resource to anyone who with a Apple portable device freely.

2. Share Ebook between Kindle and iPad/iPhone/iPod

If your DRM-free ebook of Kindle is refused by iPad/iPhone/iPod, it is the compatibility issue.

  • To transfer Kindle Book to iPad/iPhone/iPod, you need to export your ebook from Kindle to computer and then use MOBI to EPUB Converter. This software is able to convert Kindle MOBI ebooks to the native ebook format for Apple iOS device.
  • To transfer iPad/iPhone/iPod DRM-free books to Kindle, you need to use iPad/iPhone/iPod touch to Computer Transfer to export your books from iOS device to computer in advance. Then use EPUB to MOBI Converter to convert books to the most compatible format for Kindle.

3. Share Books Between Nook and Kindle

To add Nook books to Kindle, you need additional software as the assistant as well. If you find your Nook book is .epub format, PDF/EPUB to MOBI Converter. But for people who want to read Kindle Book on Nook, MOBI to EPUB Converter is a great helper.

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