Some Tips for Using iPad

In the history of the computer, there is not any computer which can be used as easy as iPad. But here in this post, I still want to share with you some tips for using iPad. Actually, with the small tips below, you will find that it would become more easy to use iPad. Just read on to have a check on these iPad using skills now!

1. Using thumb to input.
Some iPad users are used to using the touch keyboard as regular keyboard when input characters. Actually, this will make hands very uncomfortable as the size of iPad is much smaller than that of the keyboard. To enjoy a more comfortable input, you can use the split keyboard of the iPad.


The iPad Keyboard can be split into two parts and shrunk in size and each half withdrew to one side of the screen. This rightly provides you an easier typing with the thumbs. To split iPad keyboard, you can hold down the Keyboard key from the lower right corner. Once a menu pops up, just choose the “Split” option to split the keyboard into two pieces. In this way, you can hold the iPad in a comfortable position and enjoy a more convenient typing with thumbs.

2. An Emoji worth a thousand words.
Using emotion icon is undoubtedly a good way to reduce your dependence on iPad screen keyboard. Sometimes, an emotion icon can accurately express your opinion. To enable emotion icons on iPad, you should tap “Settings > Gneral > Keyboard > International Keyboards > Add New Keyboard… > Emoji”.


3. Let iPad read selected text.
If you want to let iPad read the selected text, you can go to “Settings> General> Accessibility > vision” to set the Speak Selection. Once activate the Speak Selection, there will be a slide with which you can adjust the speaking rate. If you have turned on the Speak Selection feature, there will pop up a reading option after you selected text. Click the speaking option, there will be a Siri similar voice to read your selected text.


4. Select the entire text by four clicks.
Click the iPad screen, it will select a word. If drag the cursor, you can adjust the range of selected text. Actually, there is a quick way to select the whole text. Once tapping four times continuously on the iPad screen, the entire text will be selected easily.

5. Sliding the screen to switch between open apps.
There is a familiar way for iPad users to switch applications. That is pressing the Home key to select an application icon. Actually, there is a fast way to switch between open apps. You can use four or five fingers to swipe left or right to show and switch to another app.

Well, hope these iPad tips and tricks can help you.

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