Dec 13

Most Anticipated Videos and Movies on Christmas Day

Watching videos and movies on Christmas Day with family members as well as friends has been a fashion during this harmonious and tranquil festival. Meanwhile, all of us have been greatly nourished by enjoyments with those great feats for eyes as well. And what we will be entertained on Christmas day of this year? Here you will find the answer.

1. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

This is a movie about a growing up boy whose father has been robbed of body in 9.11 event. Specifically, the 9-year-old boy has been infected with insomnia, fear of elevators and other residua having listened five phone messages by her father before death. Subsequently, he comes across an envelope written to “Black” and a key accidentally. Therefore, he has begun to be occupied himself with hunting Mr Black and cabinet to the key throughout five cities and counties during every weekends. And what will this boy be faced with during this process? Stephen Daldry will tell our answer on Christmas Day.

2. War Horse

Steven Allan Spielberg, the famous and renowned director worldwide, has attempted to switch our focus towards the World War by her new masterpiece of War Horse. And at this time, he will tell us a kind of a special friendship between a little child as well as a horse. Exaggeratedly, trailers of it have been already awarded flooding approval and applause, which have moved majority of movies lovers to reflection as well as stimulated them to await it with great expectation successfully.

3. The Darkest Hour

Has the name of The Darkest Hour itself made your hair stand on the end? And maybe! This is a sci-fi thriller characterized by an American traveling tourists group encountering invasion of alien species and managing to survive themselves in dangers and horrors in Moscow. However, many movies lovers have scorned it as artificial and so-called blockbuster out of huge amount of money. But Chris Gorak may disagree with the public on Christmas Day.

4. NBA Games on Christmas Day

NBA season of 2011- 2012 has been shrinked to a lager extent than original ones due to troublesome disputes between players and employees. Delightedly, the both parties have finally made a deal to enable us to enjoy exciting and amazing Christmas games like before: Sovereign of NBA league, Kobe Bryant will lead L. A. Lakers against Chicago Bulls led by MVP of regular seasons during 2009 – 2011; Dallas Mavericks will defend for championship against Miami Heat; Griffin and Gordon will drive Los Angeles Clippers towards Golden State Warriors guarded by its new coach; Boston Celtics versus New York Knicks may provide us super heroes competitions as well.

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Dec 07

8 Mistakes Have Been Made By Apple During 2011

Overall, Apple has won great and handsome profits from the market during 2011 without any expectation. And it is also can be concluded that this modern digital life has been dominated by Apple utterly. However, Apple have been also stumbled over by some unexpected mistakes to some extent during this year. And those mistakes have also made a negative impact on its financial states as well as branding. Subsequently, the following 8 mistakes that Apple has missed out will be unfolded to you.

1. 4G Connectivity has not been inputted in iPad 2

Tablet computer is renowned for providing on-the-go entertainment for its users, and users are desperately eager for 4G connectivity to browse internet information with faster speed as well. However, to our surprise, Apple has been so impartial about this advanced technology that its competitors of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 have thrown scorns again and again in public.

2. Negative Battery Problems has been pregnant with iPhone 4S

Having iPhone 4S been launched into the market, disapprovals and criticisms towards this upper generation of iPhone 4 have been never ceased amid crazy pursuit for this new Apple device. Particularly, battery supply problems have been complained by majority number of users and experts again and again. And even having been updated into iOS 5, this problem has not be solved to users satisfaction, which has established an stark contrast with its enduring pursuit of perfection.

3. Siri is sound good, but Apple have not already boosted up it to optimal state.

Generally speaking, Apple has paved a brand new path for modern multimedia market with creative innovation of Siri. However, this software has not conformed to its expected intelligent standard. Therefore, many of iPhone 4S users have given up it finally.

4. A bigger display screen for iPhone has been overlooked

Looking around the mobile market, HTC, Samsung and Motorola and many others have developed 4-inch display screen. However, iPhone 4S have been so stubborn to employ 3.5-inch display screen instead. delightedly,  it is said that a bigger display screen will be applied by iPhone 5 in the next year; But where is the bigger display screen for iPhone during the very year of 2011?

5. Privacy infringement invoked by position tracking technology of iPhone

Initially, iPhone can make a track of the specific location of its users even when they have been not conscious abut it, which has resulted in great dissatisfaction from privacy groups. Of course, apple has managed to tackle it with software upgrading ingeniously ultimately and many of users have been ignored it instantly. But, this problem has indeed thrown a shame to its brand.

6. iPhone 4S stands for iPhone 4 Same with some unsurprising enhancements merely

Before iPhone 4S has been available in the market, almost the whole world have been holding breath to wait for a bigger display, 4G Connectivity, brand new design as well as NFC technology. What a pity, Apple has disappointed all of us with a mere update instead. In other words, it is can even be taunted iphone 4S as iPhone 4 Same without any degree of exaggeration.

7. There are to many Patent litigations between itself and Samsung.

The tension between Apple and Samsung have been blazing with fire regarding to patent protection. Simultaneously, Apple have won some cases but also it has lost something as well. Because no customers prefer to those litigations that will harm technological innovation and development. On the other hand, they both have been in embarrassed impasse at present, and it is time for Apple to give up those proceedings to spare energy and money on something more important indeed.

8. Tim Cook hasn’t amazed us with exciting speeches like Steve Jobs.

Apple has hold a Press Conference to promote its newly created iPhone 4S, and Tim Cook, the new successor to Steve Jobs, has also demonstrated his personal style during this conference. However, he is not adept at showing himself and has only made a short and boring speech instead, which have brought approval voters by shareholders as well as customers of apple as well.