Mar 21

New iPhoto & iMovie Can Be Installed on The Original iPad by Manual

Although the new iOS version iPhoto and iMovie apps cannot be installed on the first generation iPad device directly, the new iPhoto and iMovie can be installed on the original iPad by manual. As we know, the first generation iPad doesn’t support iPhoto, so far as I know, the reason is that there is no camera. Similarly, iMovie is not compatible with the first generation of iPad. However, we can install the two apps to iPad by manual, as a result, they can work normally.

In order to download the iPhoto and iMovie apps to iPad, we need a third party – the free iPhone Configuration Utility, launched by Apple’s official. You can Download from Here, This tool is usually used by the enterprises that deploy the iOS devices.

Firstly, when the tool has been installed (there are Mac and Windows versions), just connect your iPad with computer through USB, and manually select the two apps to the database. After you’ve purchased the two apps from iTunes, they can be founded in ~ / Music / iTunes / iTunes Media / Mobile Application / directory.

Secondly, after the apps have been added to the database in the iPhone Configuration Utility, simply click “Install” button in the application tab, these files will be copied to your iPad and work well.

In spite of lacking in camera, iPhoto and iMovie apps can work properly in the first generation of the iPad. It is the fact that the processing performance and memory capacity is less than iPad 2. Due to it lack of camera, it cannot be able to use the recording feature of the latest iMovie version.

What we should pay attention to is that the Configurator in Mac App Store which has been released by Apple cannot install these apps. If you install the paid apps from iTunes to other devices, Configurator will ask you to enter a redemption code.

In addition, suppose you’ve installed the iMovie and iPhoto on our iPad, there may pop up a note from iTunes, said there are unauthorized apps in your iPad device, in this case, you should click “authorization”, then the note will gone, otherwise, your installed apps by manual will be deleted.