Mar 27

Top 10 April Fool’s Day No-Nos

Since the April Fool’s day is around the corner, have you gotten ready to welcome the special day? All Fools’ Day is favored by numerous folks worldwide, although it is not a national holiday. The good-humored pranks and airy atmosphere must be a nice reliever and balance for plain hectic days. So, come on, guys and gals! It’s your day!

However, when you are preparing jokes for the April 1, you have to take cautions. There’re some no-nos for the April Fool’s Day you should not overlook. Otherwise, you will be a reeeeeal “April Fool”!

1. Do not play jokes after noon
All games have rules! The April hoaxes only last until noon. So, one should not play tricks after April Fool’s Day past and gone. However, in some other countries, such as America, Japan, France, Italy, they can trick for all day long.

2. Do not carry jokes too far
You should weigh the consequences before playing jokes on others. Do not cod others that his friend has an accident and is sent to hospital. If that, you are so unmerciful.

3. Say No to any political or scary jokes
Certainly these kinds of jokes possibly will cause crisis among the public.

4. Do not make any wishes
Whatever and wherever you want to make wishes, propose you do not choose this day.

5. No presents
Do not present gifts to others. It is worse that if you want to present valuables this day.

6. No birthday parties
If someone’s birthday is April 1, you’d better change to the next day or the day before.

7. Be careful of business negotiations
It is an evil day. You should avoid these issues in case of misfortunes.

8. No confession affairs
Just image when you confess to your beloved one, she most probably will take is as an April Fool joke and not believe you.

9. Do not move house
It is not advisable to make a move on April 1. You’d better change to another day. It is easy!

10. Do not change your purse
Do not change or purchase purse at this day. Accordingly, company should better not to change their CFO or supervisor.