Apr 11

How to Download 3D Titanic Movie to iPad

Where did you watch the Titanic movie about 14 years ago? With whom? Whose hand will you hold to watch the 3D Titanic movie this month? Right after the release of 3D Titanic movie, so many Titanic fans went to cinema for watching it again so that they can experience the 3D effect. Of course, there are also many people watch Titanic again not only for the 3D effect, but also for reliving the youthful memories. Nowadays, iPad has become a trend, so, do you want to download 3D Titanic movie to iPad? Is it possible for you to achieve this goal?

In order to download movies to iPad, here we would like to recommend you three best movie download website. You can feel free to download Titanic movie from any of these sites.

1. Hulu
Hulu offers a good deal of movies & TV shows as you like. From this site, you can search and download unrestricted movies to your iPad with ease. Actually, there are many free movies for you to download including Titanic movie. If you want to download this movie with 2D to your iPad, there is no problem, just try it.

2. The Movie Center
There are unlimited movie downloads for members as well as numerous music, videos, ebooks, images etc. Your favorite movie Titanic movie can be downloaded to your iPad without any problem for free. In addition, there are other high quality definition movies such as action movies, comedy movies for iPad, you can feel free to download them from here.

3. The Movie Downloads
Any Movies, TV shows, music movies etc. are available in this site. As a member of this site, you can enjoy unrestricted access to it and downloads. Whenever you want to download movies for your iPad or just enjoy them online, you can realize your dream.

Since we know that iPad doesn’t support 3D video download, however, there is another way to download Titanic movie to iPad with 3D effect. However, what you’ve downloaded are 2D movies, perhaps they are not with iPad format at all, so it’s not so perfect.

If you want to watch movies in 3D format such as Titanic movie on your iPad instead of watching it at a cinema, then you can consider converting 2D to 3D with Video Converter Ultimate, following are the step details:

Firstly, free download & install Video Converter Ultimate on your PC and launch the program.

Secondly, import your 2D Titanic movie to the converter by clicking “File” from your computer hard drive.

Thirdly, kindly choose MP4 format as the 3D output format. One thing you need to pay attention to: in order to obtain the best 3D experience, here you need to choose the MP4 format according to your 3D glasses. ( There are two different kinds of MP4 format )

Finally, click Start to start the conversion.

Done! Now please connect your iPad with your PC and sync the movie files to your iPad via iTunes directly. You’ve got the 3D Titanic movie for your iPad, congratulations and have fun!