Apr 25

Cargo-Bot: The First Game App Created on iPad Completely

An unfamous application development studio called Two Lives Left released a new iPad game app Cargo-Bot.What is the difference between this iPad app and the numerous game apps from App Store? That is: Cargo-Bot is the first game app created on iPad completely!

the first game app created on ipad completely

Two Lives Left adopted a coding application for iPad to create Cargo-Bot, to our surprise, all of the procedures are completed on the 9.7-inch screen of the iPad, including designing and coding of the new game.

Codea is an iPad app with $10 that allows you to code apps. It was based on the Lua programming language and can be run and tested in the Codea environment directly. After the design and development for several months, they decided to use an unreleased Xcode template program to make this app get out of Codea and enter the App Store. All the music engine and score were made with the help of Codea’s Sound API on iPad.

When Two Lives Left releases the library source code of Codea runtime, other iOS developers can also use Codea to create apps and then publish to App Store!

To some extent, as a game app that was made on a tablet, Cargo-Bot is perfect. Meticulous graphics make it a very popular game app. So far as I know, there are many game players like this app. Furthermore, such an app may help iPad to be an independent development platform and perhaps it won’t reliable to the traditional desktop computer. As long as the tools and features are more and more perfect, we believe that iOS will be the ultimate content creation tool.

Comment of Cargo-Bot

An industry commented that I write a long article with the iPad, and manage e-mail, sketches, etc., iPad can indeed be used as the creation tool. I think it has great significance for the release of Cargo-Bot. Well, we know that writing code need to use a lot of symbols and to re-enter the complex string, this is one of the reason why they choose Lua language, as Lua language doesn’t have so many symbols.

Although there are limitations by using Codea, it still needs a computer to do some art and design work. Anyway, Cargo-Bot is a remarkable achievement. We can consider it as a watershed in the content creation on the iPad(or tablet PC).