Nov 03

Free Game Download Software

If you look at the PC you will find that freeware games or games developed by independent developers are on the rise in last years. While most games cannot be compared visually with full priced computer games, some reach the same level of quality in areas like gameplay or story. Especially flash based games have made a huge leap forward in terms of quality.

You can download games over the internet and in most cases we download games individually. As a game lover, there is a strong need to find a tool which integrates as many as possible games in one place, and then we find the latest games in much a short time. And if it were a free tool, then it was a big plus.

Game Downloader is a small open source download client with a server side library of games that are open source, indie or freeware. The portable application displays a listing of popular free games in various categories that can be downloaded directly from within the program’s interface. Many great free Windows games are listed here, from Battle of Wesnoth and Freeciv in the turn-based strategy game section .