Dec 16

5 Best Free Christmas Apps in iTunes

“You and your friends can download a fantastic selection of songs, music videos, apps and books for free. Each download will only be available for 24 hours. Get our special 12 Days of Christmas app to make it even easier to access your gifts while you’re on the go.”
OMG, 12 Days Of Christmas Holiday Promotion! But caution, exclusive to European customers merely.

But there is no need to be sad about it with majority number of free Christmas apps available in iTunes, which can keep your Christmas mood high as well. Subsequently, 5 best free Christmas apps in iTunes will be introduced to you for your grand Christmas season.

1. Christmas Countdown

Christmas is in the air, Christmas is around the corner. Therefore get your mind informed of how far Christmas is to make a perfect organization of your Christmas preparation with this free Christmas app showing the countdown from days to seconds. Most amazingly, notification bubble on the icon can even free you from opening this app to know the answer with ease.

2. Holiday Gift Guide

During Christmas season, majority number of parents and grandparents as well will find it not that easy to make right and wise decisions to please their darling kids. Take it easy, Holiday Gift Guide from Common Sense will help you to find the exact gifts to cater to your kids’ inclination and preference.

3. Fuzzle Christmas

In order to keep the board clean, five ornaments should be aligned next to each other to make them disappear. Simple and straightforward! And when another moves are forward, please make every effort to stay with the board not filled to the limit And addictive indeed! Even though not all levels of this free Christmas app are available free of charge, it is enough to flourish enjoyments with it.

4. Christmas Sounds

Keep yourself in Christmas mood in beautiful and enchanting Christmas tunes and melodies with this Christmas Sounds. With it, your ear can be flattered by Santa’s Ho Ho Ho, church bells, sleigh bells, popular songs such as “We wish you a Merry Christmas and many other diverse options wonderfully.

5. Christmasfy Me

Would you like to christmasfy you or your friends and family’s pictures for the christmas? This is a perfect Christmas app to allow you to avail yourself of innovative creativity to make customized picture with Christmas decor immediately. And please make your and your friends pictures ready for christmas with christamsfy Me right now.

Nov 29

Best Free Apps for Android User

There are a lot of great apps on Android Market. When you navigate from the website, it is pretty hard to find the desired apps you want to install, sometimes it is really boring. Here is a short list of free apps that gain population among Android Users.


Springpad sounds great: It’s a free, Web-based productivity service that lets you clip Web pages and create multimedia notes, shopping lists, to-do reminders, and more. It includes social sharing–you can follow other users and share notes with them–and also integrates with Twitter and Facebook.

IMO Chat Instant Messenger

If you have friends that use a variety of different IM services and you don’t want to have to switch between individual apps, IMO Chat will feel like a godsend. It connects to AIM, Facebook Chat, GTalk, and Yahoo (and a few others); it also permits you to be signed in to multiple accounts at once. IMO Chat is great for chatting with coworkers on GTalk, while saying hello to friends on Facebook.

Tweetcaster For Twitter

Tweetcaster is a colorful and cartoony app that lets you update and view your Twitter and Facebook accounts. If one of your friends likes to blast several hundred tweets at once, you can temporarily hide those tweets until you see fit. The app can also show you tweets for local happenings.

Free Perfect for anyone who can’t stand spelling errors, this app can help you make sure that you never misspell another word. It can also read words back to you aloud (in case you don’t know how to pronounce them), and it has a thesaurus mode, as well.


Hipmunk Finding the perfect (and most affordable) flight for your vacation can be tedious, but Hipmunk alleviates some of the pain. The app presents flights on a timeline and cleverly sorts them by agony level, taking into account how long you’ll be traveling and how many stops you’ll make.

Nov 16

How to Convert AVI/WMV/FLV/YouTube Video to Kindle Fire for Free

Kindle is the most popular Ebook reader developed by online shopping giant –Amazon. When someone talks about e-reader, the first though came into mind was Kindle. As digital industry shifts it focus from pc to tablets, Amazon is also seeking opportunities to this area. Recently, Amazon released a Android Based tablet computer-Amazon Kindle, the potential competitor of iPad, but it is priced just a third of iPad, which is really attractive.

The most different from Kindle to Kindle Fire is that Kindle Fire can play videos. According to official specification, Kindle supports limited video formats, MP4 and VP8 only. So if you want to watch your favorite movies on Kind Fire but it is not format supported, what’s to do at this case?

iStonsoft Free Video Converter is an excellent Video Converter freeware for you to convert all popular video files from one format to another with great output quality and high conversion speed.

Guide: How to Convert Video to Kindle Fire

Step1: Install the program, launches it after installation.


Step2: Add your video to the program by clicking add button.

Step3: Choose MP4 as its output video format, click start to begin the conversion.