Apr 12

2012 Hit Movies: 3D Titanic vs. The Hunger Games

When mentioning hit movies at the beginning of this year, we have to cull the 3D Titanic and The Hunger Games from kinds of other movies. The two movies are released on April 4 and March 23 respectively in 2012, and their competitive office boxes lead comparisons and frays to their success of both movies among audiences on the globe. How are the hit movies of 3D Titanic and The Hunger Games?

Titanic in 3D is a re-released movie based on his former 1997 2D Titanic with intelligent technologies of 3D and IMAX as well as enhanced vision and emotion compact. The film once grossed & 1.8 billion worldwide box office being the top 1 in movie history until the Avatar’s coming and hitting. Now, the newly overhauled 3D Titanic still has strength to challenge Cenozoic movies today.

titanic 3d

The Hunger Games film is adapted from the name novel written by Suzanne Collins and published in the early 2008, and most audiences would like to compare him with Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series. Actually, The Hunger Games is also a film about a young woman Katniss Everdeen with great success. The audio book and eBook of The Hunger Games and his sequels Catching Fire and Mockingjay can be available in Book Download Center.

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Office Box
The first important factor of 2012 hit movies: 3D Titanic vs. The Hunger Games is worldwide office box. Titanic 3D grossed $17.4 millions and ranked third in the hit movie list according to data from Box Office Mojo to the date Easter weekend, whilst The Hunger Games took $33.5 million and listed at the number one. However, Bullish box-office observers believe that the Titanic in 3D could gross & 27 million – $30 million for the Wednesday – Friday stretch, though Paramount is estimating & 20 million – $25 million.

Genre and Filmmaking
3D Titanic is a romantic disaster movie that written and directed by James Cameron. The film is converted from 1997 Titanic with advanced 3D technologies and processed into left-right images for polarized 3D eyeglasses. Spectators will see a film the same as the former in plot with only the added 3D elements in theaters. It is just a review of the old epic love story, and the 3D is not a pulse-surgingly attachment since the Avatar’s triumph years ago.
The Hunger Games produced from a young adult novel of the gifted novelist Suzanne Collins, and the reputation of the books that established before and the splendid adaptation and direction by Gary Ross make the film a craze for audiences in the world. The Jennifer Lawrence’s performance in the film is admirable, and her flinty strength and emotional transparency make her a believable protagonist in this compelling movie.

Reviews and Criticisms
Of 3D Titanic:
““Titanic” still amazes as the kind of massive, build-and-destroy production that few filmmakers have the ambition or budget to make.” – Rafer Guzman

“Simply one of 20th century cinema’s greatest, old-fashioned love stories, full of still impressive effects (pre 3D) and decent, if theatrical acting…”
– Lisa Giles-Keddie

Of The Huang Games:
“Smarter and tougher than Twilight – and with a heroine who couldn’t be further removed from dropping, love-struck Bella Swann.” – Jason Best
“The battle that informs this adaptation is between the filmmakers’ intent to create a moneymaking franchise…and the efforts of start Jennifer Lawrence to create a compelling movie.” – Sean Means
“Like the select participants of its savage sport, The Hunger Games stands triumphant, if scarred and a lit wobbly from the contest.” – Scott Bowles