Jan 07

Apple TV and iPad 3 Will Give Way to iBooks in Apple January Product Event

Can you still remember that Apple September product event of last year in New York with the release of The Daily app? And recently, it is reported a new product event will be held in this city around the end of moth, January again.

Excited and exhilarated? However, neither Apple TV nor iPad 3, both of which have been expected their debut in digital market by majority number of modern digital followers for a long time, is the protagonist product. Why? Because Apple used to launch new hardware in San Francisco instead of New York. Furthermore, New York city is the center for books and publishing instead. In other words, something like The Daily will more agree with fashion trend of this city indeed.

And then what can we expect form this Apple January product event on earth? Some reliable resources have verified that it will be themed by publishing and selling digital books through iBooks. So you can focus on iBooks platform improvements! More exactly, how Apple will make a difference to eBook field with Kindle dominating and leading its way in the circle of eBooks contemporarily is more worth your attention and thoughts.