Apr 01

Make The Best of iBooks Themes to Improve Your Reading Experience

There are three diverse color themes in iBooks app. They can be used in different occasion times of a day, which is to improve your reading experience on iPhone and iPad, even it can protect your eyes from being so tired. Here we would like to talk about how to make the best of iBooks themes to improve your reading experience on your iPad & iPhone.

Firstly, please kindly launch iBooks on your iPad or iPhone and open a book.

Secondly, click the button “aA” at the top of the screen, then hit the “Theme” button, there will be three different optional themes: Normal, Sepia and Night.

1. Normal – Shows you the black text and white background. When the lighting environment is brightest, you can choose this theme, otherwise, it may be a little bit harsh for eyes.

2. Sepia – Provides you dark brown text and the background color would be off-white. This theme can make your eyes more relax when the lighting is insufficient, for example in the early mornings or evenings.

3. Night – Night theme is light grey text with a black background. It is a very good idea to read during night time in a darker room. Not only because the black background is not so stimulating for eyes, but also because the iPhone or iPad will not seem to be an artificial lamp in the dark room. Thus, you will not disturb others in the room if they are trying to sleep. In addition, you can also set the iOS color to be inverted pattern, which makes it more comfortable to scan web pages in the darkness.

Well, we consider Sepia theme as the best all-around mode, as it can be adapted both in high brightness and darkness on the whole day. Another reason is that it can adjust the brightness of iPad and iPhone screen to improve the reading experience. When the surrounding light is dark, the screen brightness should be dark. Lower the screen brightness will not only make your eyes more comfortable, but also lengthen the battery life of iPhone & iPad to some extent.