Apr 18

7 Ways to Improve the new iPad Battery Life

easy way to improve the new ipad battery lifeAfter the release of the new iPad, the battery life continues to be criticized. Many users are concerned about how to make the battery life longer. Apparently, the battery problem of the new iPad can not be called serious, but compared with the first generation iPad, it indeed falls faster. Even so, we can do something adjustments to improve the new iPad’s battery life significantly. There are 7 ways to improve the new iPad battery life in the following.

1. Lower the screen brightness

To improve the new iPad battery life, lower the screen brightness is the simplest and most effective way. Kindly go to Settings > Brightness > Wallpaper to complete the operation. In addition, you can double click multi-task bar, then brush to the right to adjust the brightness module on the left.

2. Close 4G LTE

4G networks can load data faster, but it will reduce the battery service time, especially when it is in 4G coverage area. Just click on Settings > General > Enable LTE to turn off the 4G LET running. Furthermore, you can also close 3G network if necessary.

3. Lock your new iPad

You can let the new iPad go to sleep within the specified time. Settings > General > Auto-lock, after that, you need to set a shorter time interval such as 2 minutes is appropriate for the new iPad.

4. Forbidden push notification
although your new iPad is in the sleep mode, it will do a lot of things in the background. For example, it will automatically check the applications notice, which will consume power of your new iPad. In this case, you can change settings by Settings > Notice when you are not interested in some applications.

5. Reduce the use of location-based service

To launch the application of location-based service (such as maps) will shorten the battery usage time, especially when it is in LTE/4G. Well, just go to Settings > Location-based Service to make some changes.

6. Turn off push mail

You can go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar > Obtain new data and push to turn off the mail. Suppose you have multiple accounts, but you do not want check each account if there is new message, then you can just following the settings above mentioned, advanced bar provides you the time checking, particular account etc.

7. Make the new iPad in a full power and then charge for a while

Although the display is 100%, it is not full enough. Through the non-rigorous testing, there is a gap of 5% – 7%. So, just charge for a while after “100%”. And then discharge, which is also the method of other lithium maintenance.

Moreover, there are other “secret” on improving the new iPad battery life but it seems that they are not so significant effect after testing. For example:

  • Lower the volume or mute.
  • Disable diagnostic and report.
  • Close the applications not being used.
  • Overcharge (in fact, it is risky to do this.)