Apr 23

10 Basic Instagram Tips And Tricks

Nowadays, the world’s attention are focused on Instagram since the biggest social networking site Facebook announced that they will acquisit Instagram and the team behind with $ 1 billion. There are 33 million users for Instagram now, do you know why does the Instagram have such a magic power? Anyway, there must be many differences from the other social applications. Considering there are many people haven’t use the Instagram, here, we would like to talk about some basic Instagram tips and tricks as following. (Note: If you want to print Instagram photos or export Instagram photos to computer, this iPhone to Computer Transfer will help you a lot. For Mac users, you can try iPhone to Mac Transfer.)

10 basic instagram tips and tricks review

Instagram is actually a free application designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It allows users to share their photos through Facebook, Flickr, Posterous, Tumblr and Twitter. Following are 10 basic Instagram tips and tricks, hope they are helpful to you.

Part 1. Tips on How to Take a Good Photo

It is said that cell phone photography in the future will be more entertainment, fun and social. Instagram has perfect manifestation for that. Well, if you want to take a beautiful photo, it’s necessary for you to master some skills about it.

1. Composition

For the simple composition of cell phone photography is required, the rule of thirds, golden rule, diagonal rules should be understand simply, only in this way, you can find a correct view to take a photo instead of put the screen on the middile whenever you are taking a photo. Of course, it is unnecessary for you to adhere to those conventions at any time.

2. Find a view

Framing is not related to the screen horizontal line. You need to learn how to shot from different angles, for example, looking down, looking up, or to the subject’s point of view finder are worth trying (not recommended 45 degrees). Thus, it is more likely that you will take a good photo.

3. “Shift” effect

The camera phone does not have the same ability to control depth of field of professional cameras, however, using lines, overlap, the foreground and background space can realize this. So you can use the “shift” effect in the Instagram to make the photo has “depth” feeling.

4. Lighting

To some extent, the quality of the light determines the quality of photos you shoot. For example, you need to avoid the front of the top light and light shooting, and try to use the edge-lit or backlit, especially silhouette under backlighting will make your photos layering and beautiful.

5. Filter

To shoot a perfect photo, you need to use the filter of Instagram properly. The rich filter is always an important feature of Instagram app. Adding the filter effect on an original photo will hide out some small flaws in the camera phone. So it need you to try repeatedly and then choose the best one.

6. Borders

When you are using Instagram to take photos, you should remember cutting issues. Try your best to adjust it to 1 × 1 aspect ratio.

Part 2. How to make your photos gain attention

7. Create high-quality photos

8. Create popularity photos

9. Make full use of label promotion

10. Attention to other users

These are 10 basic tips and tricks of Instagram! Dear numerous iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users, hope these tips can be helpful to you. Take your time and have fun with Instagram application!