Mar 08

iOS 5.1 New Specs

Apple officially announced the new iPad yesterday in San Francisco, CA. Tim Cook highlighted iOS 5.1 at the conference. The new version of iOS system contains many amazing new features, including the long-rumored Japanese version of Siri. The new iOS 5.1 version has been released, at present, people can upgrade incremental via iOS device, or complete update through iTunes.

Furthermore, the new iOS version brings us many other new features, let’s see what they are:

  1. A new version of camera applications
  2. Video stabilization
  3. Delete a single photo in the Photo Stream
  4. Supporting the three accents in English, French, German and Japanese dictation input.

However, there is no introduction about the function of gendary lock screen sliding camera. Once new features are discovered, we will take the first report, please pay attention to it!

In addition, the Japanese version of Siri will be available in Japan within a few weeks.