Apr 10

Instantly Change Your iPad to a Sketch Book

Having been surrounded by so many electronics today, you may also have been kept separated from your paper books for a time. If you are a drawing enthusiast, how could you find a way to inspire you nature? As an iPad owner, you need an app to change your iPad to a sketch book. That’s the Paper! To simplify your happiness and to be unfettered! Start here!

When you fellows are scribbling on paper, you are simultaneously logging your inspirations and ideas. You need the Paper app for your iPad to capture the fascinating but fleeting ideas. The App is developed by team named “Fifty-Three” and it is free.

It is well known that there’re considerable writing & drawing apps for iPad. However, it may be not that flexible and natural than the Paper. Yes, the app cannot be simpler, but his production team can seize the demands of customers and create an outgiving experience that next to none.

There’s not much difference between a real paper and using this Paper app on iPad. When you click into the app, three initial notebooks will be displayed on the screen with their names: Making Paper, Ideas, and Sketches.

The production philosophy of the team will be given inside the Making Paper, also the “Production Manual” for users, to let you know more about the superiorities of the app. The 21-paged booklet has distinctly informed you everything about the app’s good jobs in note-taking, sketching, logo design, color assortment and so on as well as the origin of the team name “Fifty-Three” (fifty-three centimeters are the maximum radius that human’s arm can reach).

You can create more notebooks on the homepage and change their titles or covers with relaxation. Open the notebook, a semi-open “real” notebook within allowing flicking and browsing rapidly and freely as well as addition and deletion functions. Certainly, you can share to social websites like Facebook if you like.

Again when you click to open a page, you can pull out some pens, an erase and a lot of colors from the bottom and begin your graffiti. The default pen of the app is free. You need to purchase other pens. In spite of this, if you have used it, you’ll know that the free pen has been wonderful for you.

Of course, with the flexible handwriting app, users are enabled to zoom in/out the pages or notebooks with dual-touch., or flick, close and open them freely. The operations of anticlockwise and clockwise rotations will activate the Rewind and Repetition functions respectively and let you recover or repeat previous operations. However, the memory ability of this function needs to be upgraded so as to accurately control the pen.

The almost perfect experience of the Paper app for iPad really a comfortable and entertaining one for you to fly your pens and aspirations.

Feb 27

Easy Way to Restore Deleted App on Your iPad

Have you ever met this case: Deleted an app on your iPad accidentally? How to deal with it if you still want it on your iPad? Take it easy, it’s easy to restore deleted app on your iPad. There is a quick and useful iPad tutorial on how to get your deleted app back on your iPad.

Firstly, Use the Purchased label in the iPad App Store

a. Launch the App Store application on your iPad.

b. Click on the Purchased button in the bottom navigation bar.

c. From the top of the screen, please click on “Not On This iPad”, subsequently, it will show you a list of all the apps that you’ve purchased, the free apps also included. These apps are not installed on your iPad at present.

d. Click on the download sign beside the app that you want to retrieve – the sign is next to the app name, a cloud with a download arrow in it.

Secondly, Check and reinstall the app in the iPad App Store

a. Launch the App Store app on your iPad.

b. At the top right, there is a search box, you can find out the app you need to reinstall. After that, the App Store will identify that you have purchased the app previously, instead, there will pop up a Price listing/Buy button beside the app name, meanwhile, you will see an Install button.

c. Click the Install button.

Thirdly, Sync the app with iTunes

With the iTunes sync, you can reinstall any lost or deleted apps once you have selected to sync all apps. If your iPad is in iOS 5 system, you can sync the apps via WiFi in addition to sync via a PC. You’d better use a PC connected with your iPad to sync an app when it is with the big size.

Hope the quick tutorial is useful for you to recover lost apps on your iPad.