Feb 23

iPhone 6 Will Be Released in September

On February 21st, Japanese blog Macotakara brought the latest news:The six generation of Apple iPhone will be released in September or October this year, and it will be named iPhone 6. This means that the new generation of iPhone will come into the market after about one year of the release date of iPhone 4S. It is claimed that Apple plans to maintain the product release cycle in the future years.

As we all know, the activity of Apple iPhone release had taken the place of the activity of iPod release, which is held every year. Since iPod has just accounted for a very small share of Apple business, there is almost nothing adjustment for iPod business last year, what they did is just released a White iPod touch.

Suppose the time is accurate, this year, Apple will be focus on iPad 3 in spring, subsequently they will turn to the development of Mac OS X Mountain Lion system in this Summer. At last, Apple will release the next generation iPhone 6 before the Holiday Shopping Season in autumn.

To release new iPhone on the eve of the Holiday Shopping Season can be able to play an immediate effect for the sales of the product. During the fourth quarter of last year, the global sales of iPhone mobiles reached 37 million.

Previously there were rumors that Apple will release the new generation iPhone in June this year. If the news above mentioned is reliable, then it will indicate that the Apple iPhone period will still maintain within one year’s time.