Mar 12

Jailbreak The new iPad

I guess you must have heard of the term “Jailbreaking”. So, what is jailbreaking? how to jailbreak the new iPad? Here we will discuss information about Jailbreaking the new iPad.

What is jailbreaking the new iPad?
Jailbreaking, from the technical definition, it means that the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad & Apple TV crack that allow users to achieve access to the entire Unix file system. While from the understandable definition, jailbreaking is the act of hack your iPad’s full potential via unlocking it with software. Perhaps you still confused about it, here is the example. Suppose you want to do something on your iPad but you can’t because there is not such app for that, however, when you jailbreak your iPad, you can unlock it and set it free. It just like a bird flying away to a place where anything is available.

Benefits of jailbreaking the new iPad

After jailbreaking the new iPad, you can do the following things:

1. Users can sync the cracked software which has been downloaded from internet instead of downloading it from App Store.
2. You can download numerous third party programs through Cydia so that you can broaden your new iPad’s functions.
3. Meanwhile, the new iPad users can modify the many things of the file system due to the opening up of it.

Risks of jailbreaking the new iPad

Although jailbreaking is probablely not hard to do and it won’t “break” your iPad device, there are still some risks.

1.    Jailbreak the new iPad would be able to affect the stability of its system.
2.    There will be software bouncing back to the desktop usually or other similar problems.
3.    Updating all the apps is not so immediately except for the free apps from App Store.
4.    Users can’t update the system version immediately.
5.    After jailbreak, the new iPad can’t be guaranteed to keep it in good repair.

Is there any way to jailbreak the new iPad? The answer is not sure yet. But in my opinion, the day will come soon.

Apps for the new iPad recommend

1. Grand Theft Auto 3 – Price: $4.99

GTA 3 is an excellent game app with HD quality resolution, it is also an impressive technical achievement. Once you’ve got the new iPad at your hand, it’s necessary for you to try it out on the new iPad device with its A5X processor.

2. Skype for iPad – Price: Free

With the new iPad 5MP camera, 1080P video, you can enjoy the best HD picture and sound quality when you are talking with your friends on Skype. What’s more, this app is totally free, don’t forget to try it on the new iPad!

3. iStonsoft iPad to Computer Transfer – Price: $29.95 (Free trial available)

It is a very good choice to install this software on the new iPad, with the help of iPad to Computer Transfer, you can easily transfer iPad files to your PC in seconds, including movies, songs, photos, eBooks, TV show, Playlist  etc., so that you can share them on your computer with your friends.

4. iPhoto – Price: $4.99

Seeing is believing, you need to touch it to believe how much power built into iPhoto for iOS. You can feel free to make a picture more beautiful than the original with iPhoto. Besides, it really shows off the new iPad’s Retina display.

5. iStonsoft ePub Converter – Price: $49.95 (Free trial available)

iStonsoft ePub Converter is an easy-to-use and powerful ePub maker. It is specially designed for iPad users, which provides you easy way to build your own ePub eBooks. You can convert various kinds of formats to ePub format including Word, PDF, Text, HTML, Mobi etc. in a very short time. As a result, you can enjoy ePub books on the new iPad with ease!