May 17

Read “Who was Steve Jobs?” on Kindle Fire

It is a newly released children’s book which aims to educate the next generation with the life and work of the late Apple CEO and Chairman, Steve Jobs!

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A children’s book calledWho was Steve Jobs?” is available for purchase and download on Amazon, just after the publishing of the personal biography Steve Jobs which was authorized by Jobs himself.  You can directly buy it from Amazon with $4.99 or download it to your Kindle Fire. Then you can read Who was Steve Jobs? on your Kindle Fire. It is a story between a great man and one of the largest companies in the world, although this is a past tense, Steve Jobs lives in American dream forever.

Steve Jobs has been dead for more than seven months, but there are still endless entertainments about this great man come into the market, including movies, novels and other forms, to memorize the legendary Apple co-founder. Do you remember last month that Ashton Kutcher would  play Jobs in the movie Jobs: Get Inspired? And do you remember yesterday’s news about Aaron Sorkin would be writing script for Sony’s Steve Jobs biopic? We usually see children’s books are basically around cats, dogs and other animals, otherwise some simple stories as “long long ago…” but Who was Steve Jobs? is a children’s book covers the whole life of Jobs from his birth to death. Although it is not as meticulous or deep as the personal biography Steve Jobs, its text complete with illustration composing and concise words will absolutely receive children’s love.

Who was Steve Jobs? is written by Pam Pollack and Meq Belviso, and illustrations are from John O’Brien and Nancy Harrison. This book targets at the children of Grade Level 3 and above, also aims to concentrate Jobs’ life into easy to understand, attractive to read for the next-generation. The future generations should learn about Steve and what he did for the technological age. And this book is a good way for the next generation to know the person who allowed them to hold a touch screen smart phone and gave them the first personal computer.


The book captures a considerable big part of Jobs’ life. The first chapter of the book traces back to the days in his parent’s garage with his keen interest on the machine problems and up to his recent death. It also includes a bibliography and timeline of Jobs’ life. See the book catalog below:

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All the series about “Who was” books are always very popular. It can let us know a lot of the people and story behind him. Children can get better understanding and realizing about a character and a period of history. In addition, simple words and rich illustrations in this book let my child stare to Steve Jobs’ life. You should know he barely has interest with any history or biographies. Steve’s story is an inspiration for everyone, I believe children will learn more or less from this book.