Nov 23

Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac

Keyboard shortcuts are combinations of simultaneous key presses that perform certain actions as an alternative to using the mouse. Keyboard shortcuts usually require a combination of modifier keys (command, option, control and shift) and other keys.


Shift+Apple+Q – Log out

Shift+Option Apple+Q – Log out immediately

Shift+Apple+DeleteEmpty – Trash

Option+Apple+Esc  – Force Quit


Apple+N  – New Finder window or New Blank Page in Some Applications

Shift+Apple+N  – New Folder Must Be In Finder Window For It to Work

Apple+O – Open Another Existing Document

Apple+S  – Save

Shift+Apple+S – Save as

Apple+P – Print

Apple+W – Close Window

Apple+Option+W  – Close all Windows

Apple+Q – Close Application

Apple+E – Eject

Apple+F – Find


Apple+Z – Undo

Apple+X – Cut

Apple+C – Copy

Apple+V – Paste

Apple+A  – Select All


Nov 11

5 Stunning Screen Savers for Mac


LotsaWater is one of my favorite screen savers. It uses current screen contents as a background, and then produces water ripple effect in the above. Looking at layers of ripples on the waves on your desktop, and I feel extremely comfortable of course.


Econ is a bit like the classic Star screensaver on Windows, but even more brilliant. It will find your entire system application icon, and then stop to these icons around the screen divergence out.


SoundStream is a very unique screensaver. It is up and running as normal after the fireworks screen savers, like some small flame on the screen wandering. And it’s unique is that these small flame will react to sound. Whether your voices, laughter or the sound of music, will allow these small fire suddenly exploded into a big fireworks, not only beautiful but also very fun.

MovingPhotos 3D

MovingPhotos 3D effect is very Cool, it will let you select a picture folder first, then let fly some pictures into a picture of the screen, and gradually mix into some of the 3D shape, the effect is amazing.

Matrix Saver

As a fan of The Matrix, of course, recommended a Matrix screensaver. The Matrix screensavers and other platforms like the Matrix screensaver basically maintain the charm of Matrix