May 17

How do You Turn YouTube into a Money Machine

It is true that there’re more than 15,000 persons in the globe making money on YouTube. If you are fortunately a YouTube partner, you can make a career out of your videos and strive to be a millionaire. In fact, hundreds of partners are making six figures a year. Those YouTube earners are not special ones. The top 1 in TubeMogul is a 22-year-old Californian comic actor Shane Dawson who produces his home-made sketches and has drawn 431,787,450 views which has brought him considerable $315,000 income yearly.

turn youtube into a money machine

How do you turn YouTube into a money machine? In other words, how to monetize your videos on YouTube platform? If you are a video capture enthusiast and take pleasure in original content creation, and you love to share them with others, it is possible that you can become one of the earners who draw huge audiences and make money on YouTube. The first chance is making your uploaded videos viral sensations and consistently getting thousands of video views.

Firstly, let’s give you some important video marketing tips to be a money maker of YouTube:

  • Optimize your video for YouTube
  • Create compelling video content
  • Engage the YouTube community
  • Measure outcomes vs. outputs

Secondly, one of the best ways to make money on YouTube is becoming a part of YouTube’s Partner Program. Partners can share revenue that comes from InVideo overly ads and rentals, or participate in branded entertainment opportunities. To gain the permission of YouTube partnership, you are required to regularly upload videos that are viewed by thousands of YouTube users and not to violate any of YouTube’s guidelines.

According to YouTube spokesman Aaron Zamost, they focus on factors like the number of views, the video’s virality and compliance with third-party copyrighted music like viral star Sam Tsui’s Jackson medley, which stays online only with the goodwill of record companies. Practical tips for your endeavor of lengthy process to become a YouTube partner having to be given as follow:

make money on youtube

  • Grow your audiences on YouTube – You need to have at least 1,000 subscribers, 1,000 views on all your videos, or 10,000 channel views according to conservative criteria
  • Get videos out there regularly and frequently – Make sure you have at least 100 uploaded videos before the application
  • Develop a brand around your videos – Be sure you look more professional than common users. You can create your own website or logo and watermark your videos with customized YouTube channel
  • Create content with zero copyrighted material – No matter the included images, logos, video clips, audio or other elements, try to make everything original

(Please note: if your application is refused, you have no right to apply for the partnership again within two months)

Thirdly, having snagged the partnership, you can therefore earn a percentage of revenues generated by clicks on those ads or links that affiliated in your videos. Hither you need an AdSense account which will create and place relevant banner advertisements in forms of text, image, video or rich media on your website. Besides, you can also get a cut of profits from self-service rental which allows you to rent your videos.

The accomplishment of making money on YouTube won’t achieve overnight. It’s an accumulative process of time, patience and fortune. Once you’ve been a real money maker through YouTube, you can turn it into your full time job.

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