Apr 20

Make Gift Cards for Mother’s Day to Delight Your Mom

Mother’s Day is in the air and you haven’t any good idea about it? Well, take it easy! You may want to follow suit and show your grateful heart with a bunch of flowers or chocolates to your mom, or buy the hot gadgets Apple iPad or iPhone for your mom, all of them are just OK! But your mom will love it if you have a DIY gift card to embellish these gifts. You know, it is your heart that has taken counts!

To make gift cards for Mother’s Day, you need this Photo Collage Maker to help you. The simple-to-use software allows you to edit and touch up any photos by adding background, special effects, filters, frames, doodle drawing, and more to make unique gift cards, greeting cards, calendars, photo albums, scrapbooks, posters, invitations and so on for instant printing.

Free download (for Windows, for Mac) the Photo Collage Maker and follow us to learn how to make Mother’s Day gift cards by yourselves

make mothers day gift card add template

Step 1: Install and run the Picture Collage Maker! Click Template pane on the left of collage and select a template in the pop-up window. Add the template you love to the blank area by Double-click or simply dragging and dropping. 300+ templates built in!

Step 2: Click Background button and choose one! Apply to the collage directly and press Shape button to add a shape to the collage by double-click. Then you need to fill the shape with color.

Step 3: Time for adding photos! Simply drag and drop the photos you want to make a card from your computer to the program, or click Open image button on the top menu bar to find and browse your photos and add in. Adjust the photo sizes in the program.

Step 4: In this step, you can click Mask, Frame or Clipart buttons to add cool effects and elements to the gift cards at your pleasures.

Step 5: Click Add image button on the top menu bar and then choose Add Text and write down whatever words you’d like to say.

add text to diy mothers day gift card

Step 6: Save the gift card designs and click File and then Print Preview to make sure everything is perfect. After that, choose Print to print the DIY Mother’s Day gift card. It’s that easy!

Send the heart-felt gift card for your mom and she will love it!