Mar 19

New Apple TV Built-in Two Wi-Fi Antennas

The iFixit who always like dismantling hasn’t taken action in Apple TV, however, the XMBC website could not wait to dismantle the new Apple TV. After the disassembling, it was found that the new Apple TV was equipped with a single-core A5 chip and with a memory of 512MB. In addition, the flash memory capacity is 8GB.

The number of such an A5 chip is APL2498. It seems that the memory was provided by Hynix (Hynix chip maker) from South Korea, with the model No. H9TKNNN4K. After the careful search and confirming, we found it the memory size is 512MB.

As to the flash memory, it seems to be THGVX1G6D2HL A07 supplied by Toshiba, with the capacity 8GB, which is the same with the second Apple TV’s flash memory capacity.

There are other parts such as SMSC LAN9730 USB 10/100 Ethernet ports provided by SMSC semiconductor supplier, TXC Mm3v 27.00 and Mp3G 25.00. More interestingly, the new Apple TV seems to be one more root WiFi antenna than SMSC LAN9730 USB 10/100. Perhaps this is to ensure that it can play 1080p HD videos under the WiFi status.